Magnum Yacht Association Resources

Some of the resources below open to everyone while the Members Only Resources can only be viewed by members of the Magnum Yacht Association Google Group. To become a member of this Group, go to the Contacts page and follow the Join Us instructions.

Magnum Boat Moulds

The Association owns the complete set of moulds for the production of parts for the Magnum. Contact Saxil Tuxen if you need any parts made.

Members Only Resources


The Magnum Yacht Association produces two quality newsletters per year. These are distributed to all financial members at mid year and end of year. The newsletter is full of articles, general boating information, functions and sailing events. We encourage articles from all our members. If you would like to contribute in any way please Contact the Newsletter editor via the Contacts page. We are scanning in old newsletters going way back to the early 90's! It will take a while but there will be some interesting reading.

If you are not a member of the Association, you may request access to a Newsletter by clicking on the link and then entering your email address.

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