MAGICS Team Members

Current Lab Members

Qingtao Cao (PhD student)

Research Interests: Network Science, Multi-Agent Systems, Sharing Economy, Computational Methods for Policy and Regulations, Spatiotemoral Data Analysis

Negin Maddah (PhD Student)

Research Interests: Complex Networks, Computational Social Science, Intelligent SocioTechnical Systems, Process Mining

Soumyakant Padhee (PhD Student)

Research Interests: Innovation in Engineering Design Teams, Causal Identification in SocioTechnical Systems, Experimental methods.

Qiliang Chen (PhD Student)

Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Meta Reinforcement Learning, Modularity, Multi-Agent Systems, Interpretable AI

Babak Heydari (Associate Professor & Lab Director)

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Nunzio Lore (PhD Student)

Research Interests: Network Science, Game Theory, Agent-Based Modeling, Fairness in AI Platforms.

Gabriele Ansaldo ( MSc. Student)

Research Interest: Human -Robot Teaming, Multi-Agent Systems, Trustable AI

Akarsh Singh (Masters Student)

Research Interest: Spatiotemporal data analysis

Past Graduate Student and Postdoc Members

Affiliated Research Scholars and Visiting Faculty

  • Yakov Bart (Visiting Faculty). Research Interests: Platforms and Multi-Sided Markets, Causal Inference in Business Ecosystems.

Postdocs, PhD and Masters Students (with Thesis Option):

  • Mohsen Mosleh (PhD Student): First job after graduation: Postdoc at Yale/MIT.

  • David Gianetto (PhD Student): First job after graduation: Engineering Fellow at Raytheon.

  • Kia Dalili (Postdoctoral Fellow): First job after graduation: Lead Data Scientist at Facebook.

  • Abhilash Janardhanan (Masters Student), First job after graduation: Data Science Manager at Abercrombie & Fitch

Student Researchers

  • Liang Ke (Graduate Student/ School of Public Policy)

  • Amar Chheda (Graduate Student)

  • Peter Ludlow (Graduate student, Stevens)

  • Abbas Ehsanfar (Graduate student, Stevens)