Lab Director

Professor Babak Heydari

Current Appointments

Contact Information:

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    • University of California, Berkeley

        • PhD in Electrical Engineering

        • PhD Minor in Economics and Management

    • University of California, Berkeley

        • Masters of Science Electrical Engineering

    • Haas School of Business

        • Graduate Certificate of Management of Technology

    • Sharif University of Technology

        • BSc. in Electrical Engineering and Chemistry


  • Chair, Council of Engineering Systems Universities (CESUN).

  • Associate Editor, Wiley Systems Engineering Journal, and ASME Journal of Mechanical Design.

  • Chair of Scientific Advisory Committee, Singapore-ETH Future Resilient Systems.

  • Co-Director of Engineering Management Program at Northeastern University

  • National Science Foundation CAREER AWARD 2016

  • Best Paper of the Systems Engineering Journal 2018


  • Intelligent Sociotechnical Systems

  • Design and Governance of Complex Systems

  • Network Science

  • Multi-Agent Systems

  • Computational Social Science

  • Engineering Management

  • Multi-Sided Platforms


Recent Courses

  • Economic Decision Making (Graduate)

  • Platforms and Sharing Economy Systems (Graduate, also approved for MBA students)

Past Teaching

  • Game Theory and Networks (Undergraduate)

  • Multi-Agent Systems (Graduate)

  • Cognitive Systems Seminar (Graduate)