Information for Prospective Students and Postdocs

If you are a prospective PhD student or postdoc, please directly contact Prof. Heydari. In your email, include your CV and mention briefly (but specifically) how your goals and research interests are linked to MAGICS lab and how being a lab member will help you with your career goals. Also, mention what skill sets (theoretical, tools, interdisciplinary experience, etc.) you can bring to the lab.

If you are a Masters student at Northeastern and looking for doing your Masters project or thesis in the MAGICS lab, please send an email to Prof. Heydari, include a copy of your CV and your coursework at your NU (with the grades), your prior experience with coding and working with data, as well as the research areas and domains you are interested in.

We also welcome motivated undergraduate students who want to gain interdisciplinary research experience at the cross-section of engineering and social and economic sciences.