Our Brews

MM Dirty Blond

Our second venture into the session ale category. This one leans more to the malty flavors than does the Session Ale, and comes with a lighter mouth feel. But this blond is not as light as most, and provides a delightful malt profile with notes of caramel, raisin and sourdough. What is not to like about a Dirty Blond?

SUMMARY: An easy drinking, but slightly darker (dirty), blond ale with caramel, raisin, sourdough and nutty flavors.

FG 1.012 ABV 4.0%


MM Porter

Born out of ceaseless experimentation where not everything goes as planned, the mistake that illustrated the path to this smooth and malty ale is indeed cause for celebration. Full of black and chocolate malts, this dark beer presents a plethora of roasty goodness while not overwhelming the palate with black malt flavors.

SUMMARY: A robust porter with flavor notes of caramel, coffee, and dark chocolate. Designed with reduced black malt bitterness for a smoother flavor, and cleaner finish.

FG 1.015 ABV 5.9%


Vanilla Porter

A very smooth beer. Adding vanilla flavorings to the MM Porter helps to “round out” any remaining sharp flavor notes. Very complimentary to the coffee and dark chocolate flavors, the vanilla notes are like adding cream to your coffee. This one must be tried to be believed.

SUMMARY: The addition of subtle vanilla flavors to the regular MM Porter makes for a surprisingly delightful combination of tastes.

FG 1.015 ABV 5.9%


Espresso Porter

A coffee lovers delight. Adding to the already apparent coffee flavors of the MM Porter, the MM Espresso Porter doubles down on our favorite roasted bean. We blended an Afmalfi Coast espresso with a dark roast Costa Rican coffee to add a distinctive flavor loved by so many.

SUMMARY: Adding coffee and espresso to the regular MM Porter makes for a rich coffee flavored beer.

FG 1.015 ABV 5.9%


MM Double Rye

This imperial rye pale ale is defiantly “malt forward”. The big malt backbone is balanced by a delightful combination of hop bitterness and subtle rye malt spiciness. Citrus flavor notes from the hops complement the rye and caramel malt sweetness and a noticeable alcohol flavor warns that this beer is not to be taken lightly.

SUMMARY: A big malty pale ale utilizing both spicy rye malt flavors and citrus hop notes to balance the bold malt profile.

FG 1.017 ABV 8.5%


“Oked” Double Rye (limited availability)

As if the Double Rye wasn’t complex enough, we’ve added even more dimensions to its myriad flavors. While not truly “Oaked”, we’ve added “Oak-ish” flavors to our signature imperial rye pale and succeeded in rounding out some of the sharper flavor notes (for those that dislike pointy beers). Taking the edges off makes this a very drinkable beer without sacrificing the big malt and rye flavors.

SUMMARY: A big malty pale ale with spicy rye malt flavors enhanced by our proprietary Oaking process.

FG 1.017 ABV 8.5%


MM Harvest Yam (aka ‘Yam I Am’)

One of our fall seasonal ales. The Harvest Yam proudly proclaims its independence from ordinary beers with subtle flavors that blend to complement the total package. Mild yam flavors combine with allspice, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon to complement the base amber ale in a most pleasing way.

FG 1.014 ABV 6.0%


MM Raspberry Blond

The MM Raspberry Blond is a double strength blond ale infused with raspberries and honey. The fruit flavors in this dry ale complement the honey and malt sweetness and balance out the hops bitterness in a very harmonious way. A word of caution though, they also mask the alcohol bite, and the red tinge serves as a warning that this blond is not to be trifled with.

SUMMARY: A smooth blond ale with raspberry and honey flavors.

FG 1.008 ABV 8.5%


MM Hefeweizen (aka ‘MM Hefe’)

The MM Hefeweizen is a German style Hefeweizen made with imported malts and hops. The clove and banana flavors from the yeast are well balanced and are complemented with a touch of honey malt sweetness. The result is a refreshing and easy drinking beer sure to delight on a hot summer day.

SUMMARY: A smooth and light wheat ale with honey malt flavors.

FG 1.012 ABV 5.1%


MM Imperial IPA

A really big IPA. This is the biggest and hoppiest beer we have brewed to date, hopped at ever stage of the brewing process. The hops and sweetness are balanced even with the huge hop additions. The only thing missing is the hop harshness found in some IPAs.

SUMMARY: A big bold IPA with copious amounts of hop flavors

FG 1.019 ABV 10.1%

COLOR 15 IBU 160

Russian Imperial Stout

Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind. This was the attitude when making the Russian Imperial Stout. It’s the biggest, malty-est, strongest, darkest, and some think, delicious-est beer we’ve made so far. This beer is simply bursting with flavors of dark malts and molasses. Be careful though, at 10% ABV, this one may make dancing the kozachok a bit more difficult.

SUMMARY: A big Russian Imperial Stout with a big kick. Notes of bittersweet caramel & chocolate along with coffee & molasses flavors and a silky mouth feel to make this a pleasantly complex winter beer.

FG 1.021 ABV 10.0%


Oatmeal Stout

A salute to one of our long time favorite beers, the Mad Malts Oatmeal Stout combines the dark malty goodness of a quality stout with the silky mouth feel of our least favorite breakfast cereal (you know it’s true, it always has to be combined with something). A high finishing gravity and low bitterness showcases our favorite aspects of this style beer.

SUMMARY: A great stout with the smooth mouth feel provide by oats.

FG 1.020 ABV 6.1%


Double Cherry Sour (limited availability)

Beginning life as our Double Rye, this unique ale rides a road less traveled. We captured a wild form of Pediococcus, then added Brettanomyces along with sour and Bing cherries, and waited. The resulting ale is tart, with subtle cherry and residual malt flavors adding balance.



Element 79 (aka ‘Moonbounce’)

As precious as the soft yellow metal it’s named after, this golden ale offers solid malty flavors with toasty, honey and biscuit notes, without being too heavy. Accented by spicy rye flavors and with notes of citrus from the hops, Element 79 finishes clean and refreshing, and leaves you wanting more.

ABV 5.1% IBU 35