On Tap Now

Picture shows Beers on Tap as of 6/8/21. Not all beers available during high volume days and subject to change as stock depletes.

Brews in process and on the way:

Funk ALS - primary fermentation done - secondary process in the works - ready in July.

Mad Malts IPA - back on tap by next week.

Double Rye - back on tap early July

Bourbon Barrel Stout - our Russian Imperial aged in Iron's One Sour Mash Bourbon/Whiskey barrels - on tap by end of June.

Smashed Porter - our Porter aged in Iron's One Sour Mash whiskey barrels - ready now - just waiting for approval from ABC to put on tap.

Nitro infused Russian Imperial Stout - Nitro takes our Russian Imperial to the next level by highlighting its creamy texture.

Beers in development:

Sours - maturing right now!

Lawn chair Lager - Light, crisp, clean, low calorie, moderate ABV, easy drinking! The grains are the star of ths beer, any hops will emphasize flavoring over bittering. It takes a long time to refine new recipes and this one is in the works. Late summer/ early fall ETA (highly dependent on ABC approval timeline).

Creamy Mad Malts IPA - what? really? YES indeed! - the creamy laced foam from this process brings forward the volatile hop aromas, and transports the IPA to another level. Equipment and processes in place by this fall.

Royal Jamaican style ginger beer - in your face ginger! sweet. This will likely be brewed in small batches

Mexican Style Lager