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Book Your Band with Us!

Contact: Jimmy Henderson @, 256-520-9824.  Wednesdays are typically reserved for blues, jazz, or open mic events.  Friday and Saturday evenings are every and all types of music!

Need a Place to Practice/Jam ?

Contact: Nick at, (757) 615 5907. Tuesdays are typically for practice/jam sessions. We are open during this time; however, patrons expect the music to be a work in progress and love to watch your creative genius at work!

Looking for the Perfect Place for a Party or Event?

We do not charge for event space during our open hours. We have hosted Birthday Parties; Group Meetings; Potlucks; Grill Outs; Christmas Parties; Wedding Parties; Bike Clubs, and more.  Contact: Nick at or Miranda on our Facebook page for more information. Yes you may bring in your own food items. We have several folding tables and chairs that may be used (ABC prohibits alcoholic beverages from being brought into Mad Malts that were not brewed here). We have enough parking for 50+ cars and also have overflow spaces less than a block away.