British International Section

What is an International Section?

  • A bilingual and bicultural programme

  • Introduced by the French Education Ministry in cooperation with partner countries.

  • An approach which is not just based on the language but also the culture and teaching methods of the partner country within the French school system.

  • ISs are attended by French and foreign pupils and provision is not just bilingual but also bicultural.

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  • Teachers in international sections are usually native speakers of the language they teach

  • They also hold a teaching degree from the partner country.

  • In all cases, their appointment must be approved by the Education Minister

About Mrs. BAHER Ifdal

  • 10 years English teacher at Savio and the English Coordinator of the Primary and Maternal Sections

  • Teacher of different class levels including primary school, middle School and high School

  • International class teacher and European Section

  • British School Graduate and Curriculum developer

  • Certified in Languages and Management

  • English teaching Diploma

  • ÉMILE training Diploma

About Mrs. PRITMANI Rainaa

  • 6 years of teaching experience in English of which 2 years of working at a Cambridge International School, India

  • Curriculum developer for early years

  • Diploma in Early childcare in Education from World ORT, London

  • U.K certified Jolly Phonics trained teacher from Jolly Learning & CPD College, Ireland

  • Certified Play therapist for children from National Association of Play Therapy, India


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