experience the Po from the water


paddling along the most fascinating river in Italy

lungoilPo (along the Po) is a sporting naturalistic cultural gastronomic journey along the Po river

The Po, the longest and most fascinating river in Italy, so rich in beauty and history, is sporadically frequented by sportsmen, Italians and foreigners. In Europe, many large rivers are traveled daily by canoeists: for pleasure, for tourism, for challenge, for family vacation. It doesn't take much to make a river accessible to the masses: light piers, refreshment points, fountains for water, the itineraries described. And above all: nature, landscape, clean water. And where there are man-made barriers, you need some facilities for the passage.

The purpose of the journey lungoilPo, in addition to healthy fun, is also to discover and make known the potential for daily, recreational and tourist use of the Po, involving riparian communities, tasting local food products, getting closer to local stories and cultures.

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