LUNA  Street Art

Week 1 - Community Painting

LUNA - Learning Urban
Nature through ART

Our ecoliteracy and visual arts programs for children, youth, adults, and families foster an appreciation for urban nature through in-person and online hands-on art making. Our designs for Street Art projects reflect the natural features of the urban environment in which we work.  Community members learned about the flora and fauna of Friendship Park and the neighborhood and submitted drawings that we incorporated  into  the design. We had a fantastic turnout for painting the murals--over 70 community members participated, and park visitors and passersby cheered us on. Thank you all for making the project a success! To the right are some 'process' photos. See much more and the final murals in the Gallery.

All ages welcome and artistic talent not required!

We use Eco-Friendly traffic paint by BioStripe®

BioStripe is perfect for any organization or municipality looking to expand the reach of its sustainability initiatives with a high-performance product. Today, you can find BioStripe on parking lots, roads, and bike paths at parks, universities, military installations, hospitals, and other environmentally conscious institutions across the country.


Bloomfield's Asphalt Art Project is made possible through a grant from AARP