How to Help

Please show your support for Lum Elementary school students and staff by sending a letter to the AUSD school board and the superintendent. Below is a sample letter you can cut and paste into your email and customize as you see fit. Thank you so much for your support of the Lum community.

You can also show your support by signing our petition to save Lum and then share with others. Sign the petition here.

AUSD Board

Gary K. Lym - President -

Gray Harris - Vice President -

Ardella Dailey - Board Clerk -

Anne McKereghan - Trustee -

Jennifer Williams - Trustee -


Sean Mcphetridge -

Dear _____,

My name is________ and I am (an Alameda resident, a parent, a concerned citizen, etc). I am concerned about the process of closing Lum School based on recent soil testing. I support the Lum community in asking that the school board base their recommendation on the future of Lum School on a more complete package of evidence and the input of community members within and outside of Lum school. Also, in collaboration with the Lum’s District Advisory Committee, I request the addition of the following “3rd option” to vote on at the May 23rd meeting:

  1. Defer any vote to relocate students and close Lum for a period of 12 months (to May 2018);
  2. Officially establish a District Advisory Committee (DAC);
  3. Have that DAC gather further information, data, and analysis, including an assessment of the buildings at Lum in light of California Building Codes, standard Structural Performance Category (SPC) ratings, and other relative risk assessment standards, coordinating and consulting with applicable government agencies, local experts, members of the community, and other relevant sources;
  4. Have the DAC issue a report and recommendations to the Board by or before May 2018.

This is an important decision that can have profound community impacts. I urge the board to take the time necessary to make a fully informed decision that prioritizes student and staff safety.

Thank you,