Letters to AUSD staff and board

5/15/2017 - SF Fire Department Captain John Grimaldi letter to superindendent and board

5/15/2017 - DAC letter to superindendent: Due Diligence Needed In Selection of Engineering Firm For Second Opinion

Public Documents

The following public documents will be part of the May 9th presentation at AUSD board meeting to propose and justify the reason why the board should include a 3rd voting option on their May 23rd meeting. This 3rd option will allow the BoE to vote for extending the time needed to request for more tests and second opinions and to answer questions provided by the Lum DAC.

Lum DAC presentation Cover Sheet

Detailed Summary of Lum DAC

Questions to AUSD

Lum DAC powerpoint presentation to the board

Letters from experts in the field of Structural Engineering, Risk Analysis and Architecture

-Low cost alternative available to address possible seismic issues at Lum. Could be completed in 8 to 12 months using a “phased” approach that would leave the school open during construction

-Smith Engineering Inc. proposal of a cost effective plan to retrofit Lum

-Letter from Calvin Wong, retired City Engineer and Chief Building Official City of Oakland

-Letter from Loring Wyllie, renown seismic structural engineer with more than 40 years of experience (Degenkolb)

-Fire Captain John Grimaldi open letter to the Superintendent Sean McPhetridge and the AUSD Board of Education

-Preliminary risk analysis

-Architect letter to the BoE

-Letter from architect with 30+ years of experience

Reference documents

Section Comparison of 3 story building and the Lam school buildings (Drawing)

Closing a School Best Practices Guide

LUM Has Been Repeatedly Certified As Earthquake Safe: