LSST Galaxies Science Collaboration

The Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) is a ground-breaking, 10-year optical survey of the entire southern sky, which will be carried out by the Simonyi Survey Telescope at the Vera C Rubin observatory. The project is jointly funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the US Department of Energy (DOE). The LSST Galaxies Science Collaboration (LSST GSC) is a scientific organization charged with using LSST data to understand the formation and evolution of galaxies over cosmic time.

The LSST GSC is one of the original nine LSST Science Collaborations founded in 2006, and made important contributions to the LSST Science Book released in 2009. This detailed science case helped LSST become the top-rated priority for ground-based astronomical facilities in the 2010 Decadal Survey and obtain NSF and DOE funding. Scientists in the LSST GSC will conduct a wide range of extragalactic research programs with LSST data, and will help the LSST Project develop critical data and software products that will enable astronomers from all over the world to conduct cutting-edge research programs of their own. Information about the organization and structure of the LSST GSC can be found in the LSST GSC Charter.

Sugata Kaviraj and Simona Mei serve as the current Chairs of the LSST GSC. Previous LSST GSC Chairs were Manda Banerji, Brant Robertson, Michael Cooper and Harry Ferguson.

The collaboration is always accepting new membership applications from eligible scientists who are interested in extragalactic research with LSST. For more information, please visit our application webpage or contact the collaboration.