Welcome to the Lowell Elementary School PTA Website!

This website is your primary resource for information about our PTA. With the 2021-22 school year being so different from the usual, our hope is that this website will be a central resource where you can return to throughout the year and:

  • Find ways to connect with other families.

  • Access a schedule of free PTA activities for the year.

  • Find out when the next PTA meeting is and how to attend (virtually).

  • Become an official member of the PTA, donate to the PTA, or buy school merchandise.

  • Contact the PTA Board to ask a question.

Other Online Tools for Lowell Families

8 Ways You Can Support Lowell and the PTA

  1. Attend PTA Meetings (online in 2021/2022). Any Lowell families can attend, but you will need to be a PTA member to vote. Attend via zoom - second Tuesday of each month. https://bellinghamschools.zoom.us/j/86587864432

  2. Join the PTA, which will enable you to vote on PTA issues that impact our kids and school community.

  3. Volunteer to support events and activities.

  4. Fund the PTA using Amazon Smile. Simply click this link to set up Amazon Smile for Lowell and Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price of many items to the Lowell PTA.

  5. Fund the PTA by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards card to Lowell PTA. That way, every time you shop, you will be giving back to your kids! Directions can be found here: https://www.fredmeyer.com/i/community/community-rewards

  6. Fund the PTA by purchasing Lowell Merchandise. Stay tuned for information on how to purchase sweatshirts and t shirts with the Lowell logo!

  7. Learn more about other opportunities for funding the PTA here.

  8. Contact the PTA board to ask questions and share ideas! (email president@lowellschoolpta.org)