Trash Pickup Goes Weekly

6.4.2024 - Trash pickup moves to a weekly schedule this week, dropping from two days to one. Trash will be picked up Fridays.

To help prevent bin overflows, please cut or collapse cardboard boxes, sticks and wood, or other items that take up room. The maintenance team will periodically check circle dumpsters and crush trash with the bobcat tractor, but that takes time and gas to do. So, helping cut down bulk will keep things running smoothly.

The reduced pickups saved $600 per month after a pilot experiment last summer.  Twice a week pickups will resume in the fall when winter visitors travel back.

Allo technicians near Circle 6 prepare fiber-optic lines to insert into already trenched pipes throughout the campus.

Allo Is Installing Fiber

5.31.2024 - Allo techs are in the process of installing the actual glass-fiber tubes for the company's high-speed fiber-optic network in Los Lagos Vistas. Once the glass-fiber installation is completed, Allo will install a couple of test boxes for HOA approval, then begin individual unit installations.


5.20.2024 - A glitch with the contractor has delayed pool maintenance and upgrades, so there is no date for the pool closing yet. 

The planned repairs include new cool decking and general maintenance. The pool won't be drained, but covered.  Watch for details here.

Asphalt Repair Schedule Released

5.2.2024 Asphalt sealing is slated June 18-25. The project will seal asphalt cracks then cover all the campus roads with a fresh coat of sealant.

The work will seal cracks and gaps in roads and parking lots with a hot-applied, rubberized crack sealant, then cover the asphalt for a finished look.  The project will include striping for parking spaces.

The cost-effective pavement preservation prevents water damage, potholes, and other pavement damage. It also slows asphalt deterioration and extends pavement life.

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4.30.24 The HOA is testing an email delivery system to go directly to homeowners.  The idea is to ensure the broadest distribution of HOA information, such as the first email about the asphalt repair schedule.  If you didn't receive the email, please check your spam or junk folders. If you want to receive these communications, mark the email safe, or not spam, not junk.  Then you should receive upcoming communications.

Emails will be sent only for important HOA communications. We are not sharing or selling email information or any owner information.

If we don't have your correct email on file, please fill out a contact form and drop it in the HOA mailbox by the pool, or scan the filled our form and email to Marcy the bookkeeper.

Get the form here.

Volunteers Boost Campus Looks, Upgrades

Volunteer committees have helped create Los Lagos Vistas improvements and offset some financial challenges, according to committee reports at the recent HOA Board of Directors meeting last week. The Board also approved new carport rules, noted new dumpsters are being rotated in, and discussed maintenance issues. Kathy Yager said she will be stepping down as Circle Captain chair. Check out the minutes. Read all about it:

April HOA Board Minutes

EV Charger Pilot Goes Well

The first installation of an electrical vehicle charger in a Circle 1 carport has worked well without complications. The Los Lagos Vistas HOA board is approving two more installations to meet homeowner requests as more people adopt electric car usage. 

The chargers are hooked into individual units and electric bills are paid by homeowners.

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Dog-Area Codes Have Been Emailed

Because of liability and insurance concerns, the off-leash dog area is now locked. If you completed a waiver form, the entry code was emailed to you Saturday. 

If you don't have a code, it's easy to get it.  Fill out a waiver form.

The off-leash area allows a running area for the pups and a time to socialize with other dogs and neighbors.  The area has water for dogs and a picnic table for people.

Get the form here.

Got your waiver done?

4.19.24  HOA OKs CARPORT RULES The Los Lagos Vistas HOA Board of Directors unanimously approved a new rule to help ensure a quality campus appearance when it comes to carport storage and use. The rules aim to clarify carport use and appearance requirements.

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4.10.24  ANY CONCERNS ABOUT ALLO DAMAGE OR RESTORATIONS? The HOA Board must identify any construction fixes that need to be done before the Allo crews leave. Homeowners can help by reporting any damage or incomplete restorations where Allo contractors have worked. Please email the maintenance team by May 10. Include building and circle numbers so they can be inspected and added to the “punch list,” a final work list to ensure the campus is returned to its original state from the trenching and digging to install the new fiber-optic network.

Click to email the maintenance team.

4.4.24  WATER-LEAK REPAIRS TARGETED: The Los Lagos Vistas HOA Board set policies to tackle water-system leaks expected to save time and money repairing them.  The Board also listed ongoing priorities for maintenance during the summer and changed maintenance team's summer working hours.

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4.4.24  BOARD OKs UPDATED ROCK POLICY: To encourage common-area upgrades, Los Lagos Vistas HOA will provide rock and approved rock selections for homeowners to use in common areas and parking circles. The HOA is working to reduce high-water use areas and cut utility costs using xeriscaping and desert landscaping, primarily with colored rock and rock designs. For specific common areas around buildings or circle parkways, rock will be provided.

Rock will be purchased and stored on site for homeowner access.  Architectural requests will determine how rock will be used and if there are any shared costs. Specialty rock will not be part of what the HOA provides. The HOA also won’t provide special plants.

Download the individual-unit design review form.

Download the common area form.

3.29.24  DID YOU FORGET YOUR POOL FOBS?: Many pool fobs have not been picked up. Having a fob gives you access to the pool and recreation area.  Your pool keys are still needed for the bathrooms and bocce ball courts.  Each homeowner receives a fob for free.  Second fobs are $25 per household. Fobs will be available at the Coffee Talks the first Saturday of every month or call 928.230.4263 to arrange a pickup.

3.26.24  HOA SELECTS BUILDINGS 68 AND 77 FOR ALLO PILOT: The buildings will test the direct-line fiber-optic connection boxes for each home unit. The pilot will access appearance, access, functionality and other factors. 

Read more about the Los Lagos Vistas installations and new "Smart City" technologies.

3.26.24  APRIL ACTIVITIES CALENDAR POSTED: Winter might be winding down, but not Los Lagos Vistas. Check out the activies and fun listed on the calendar, including a special Mimosa coffee on the first Saturday.

Check out the calendar.

Please Don't Feed Wildlife

Ground feeding birds or throwing out snacks to rabbits attracts rats and mice and hungry predators, such as coyotes and bobcats. Please only feed birds from appropriate bird feeders and don't leave discarded fruit, vegetables, or meat on the grass. Residents have seen puppies snatched and killed, and successful predator hunts leave carcasses exposed attracting more vermin. Let nature do what nature does.

Find the law reference here.

3.12.24  POLICE CAUTION ABOUT RISE IN THEFTS: The Lake Havasu City Police Department cautioned residents about increased reports of theft from vehicles and offered several tips to avoid being a theft victim for both vehicle and home theft. Check out police recommendations to deter thieves.


2.26.24 HOA Board approves free kayak storage: During the recent annual meeting, the HOA Board approved two locations for free kayak storage to give homeowners and their renters a place to store watercraft. The board is waiving fees to help people comply with current regulations and maintain attractive and orderly carports. One rack is by the maintenance shed near the tennis courts and one is behind the rec area gate.

Kayak owners must provide their own security locks and covers, if desired, and register for rack space by filling out an application form. Board members will be reaching out to residents not in compliance with carport storage policies.

Completed forms should be placed in the HOA mail box near the pool or mailed to Los Logos Vistas HOA, 1700 Montana Vista, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403.

Download the form.

1.14.24  Dog Park - Owners and Renters can now apply to participate and use the dog park operated by the Los Lagos Vistas HOA.

-  Click here to apply

12.26.23 December Newsletter -  Click here to view the newsletter

LLV Paddle Craft Storage Committee Creates Pilot Program for Owners and Renters  ... Sign up for space on the Paddle Craft Storage Racks.  Click Here for the Sign Up Package. If you have any questions please email the committee at pcsc@loslagosvistashoa.com

Reminder for  New Homeowners when it comes to Replacing An Air Conditioning Unit- This procedure is critical to our Association's responsibility to maintain the integrity of our foam roofs for all our homeowners.  Click here for more information

Schedule of Events and Meetings


4.14.24 Upcoming Meeting - Next homeowners meeting will be Thursday, April 18 @ 6:00 pm at the Aquatic Center. 

2024-2025 Schedule:

The HOA Board's homeowner meetings will not be held during the summer.  Upcoming meetings will be a 6 p.m. at the Aquatic Center.

Oct. 17, 2024 –Rm 153-154 November 21, 2024 –Jane Camlin Room December 12, 2014 – Rm 153-154

January 16, 2025 – Room 155-156 February 20, 2025 – Relics and Rods Auditorium  (Annual Meeting)

March 20, 2025 –Room 155-156 April 17, 2025 – Rm 153-154

Monthly Activities Calendar -April 2024

The Landscaping Committee/ "The Dirt Crew" - All work parties 9-noon Thursdays through April.

TRASH PICKUP BY REPUBLIC SERVICES -  Current Pick up days are Tuesdays and Fridays in the winter and Tuesdays only in the summer. If there is no room in the dumpster, please visit another circle. If you are spring cleaning, please  plan ahead and spread it around including the Maintenance Area dumpsters. We have 7 circles and 7 Dumpsters. 

Other Resources for LLV Homeowners

Owners keep the lines of communication open  with each other and family members by being a part of a private Facebook Group called  Los Lagos Vistas Friends  If you are an owner and use facebook, this is a great tool for sharing the fun of Havasu Living here with great neighbors. Recipes, pictures of events as well as if you need anything... a ride, a table, or even a cup of flour.

Lake Havasu City APP - Want to know quickly whats going on in Lake Havasu... check out the town app for your phone.