Loring Science Fair

April 5th + 6th 2022

Please join us for a FUN celebration of science, exploration, and discovery!

Students in grades K-5 are invited to prepare a project and share it with their classmates and families at the 2022 Science Fair.

The Loring Science Fair is a fun opportunity for students to decide on a topic, do their project (with help as needed, but primarily driven by the student), and then share what they've discovered.

Students will display their projects at a station in the gym on the night of the Science Fair. In an effort to decrease crowd size as we ease out of COVID restrictions, the 2022 Science Fair is being divided over two nights by grade.

Each project will be visited by a Guest Scientist who will ask questions for the young scientists to initiate a discussion about their discoveries. Families and friends may tour the gym to visit the creative projects, and students will have time to visit projects of their classmates. Each young scientist will receive a reward to commemorate the event.

Ready to get started?

Pawsome! Don’t forget to register online and check out the pawsome -shirt!

Please Note: The registration page asks for project title and type of project (experiment, invention, collection). You do NOT need to have your details worked out to register. It's okay to leave the title blank or very general, and it's okay if the category changes before the actual night.