London Pro-European Network

What is this website?

This site is one of a set of sites intended to cover the whole of the UK (index page) to help you find and work with the relevant pro-Europe groups in your area. So it is part of You can navigate to your area using the drop-down menus at the top right (PC) or top left (mobile devices), or by the constituency index. Please send any comments or requests for editing permissions to lonproeurnet at

UKPEN paused developing these sites in 2018, as other priorities emerged.

The Pro-European London Toolbox (PELT) is how London groups help each other.

What is this site for?

The idea is that we need to see where we are and who we can work with. This is essential to plug the gaps in our network and to be ready for any new chance to vote. When they are developed, the constituency pages (see eg Hackney North) are supposed to help everyone

    1. write to MPs. These pages are supposed to help groups build up their own resources for each MP they cover.

    2. develop maps right down to ward level to help activists cover their streets with leaflets and door to door conversations.

Groups can contact lonproeurnet at to help develop their local constituency page or pages.

How do I use it?

To find what constituency you live in use this tool: The constituency index page lists the constituencies with their boroughs and areas of London. Join your constituency group and start work for Europe! Join your area or borough group to take part in events and discussions. The main groups in London are listed on the area pages below, for more local groups follow the links to sub-pages.

To get alerts on your MP's activity in Westminster use "They work for you"

In London there are;

32 London Boroughs and 73 Westminster constituencies, organised here in five areas.

Click on the Google map to see how London is covered by pro-Eu groups.

Explore the groups in the different areas of London via the links below:

(Boroughs of




(These two areas are identical in Best for Britain's schema)

The national organisations which meet in the Grassroots Coordination Group (GCG) are represented in London by the groups shown here.