Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do i need a referral to see a Dermatologist?

A. Yes. Dermatologists are specialist doctors. Medicare requires a referral. A referral from another specialist (e.g. a Plastic Surgeon) will only last 3 months. A referral from a GP usually lasts 12 months.

Q. Will my Dermatologist be able to do surgery on the same day as my consultation?

A. No. Surgical lists are booked separately to consultation sessions so that we can do our best to run on time.

Q. Is my appointment or surgery covered by my private health insurance?

A. No. Private insurance only covers you for admission to a hospital or day hospital. You will get a percentage of all fees back from medicare however there will be an out of pocket expense.

Q. Is it OK if my referral is made out to a different Dermatologist? Can i still use this referral?

A. Yes. There is no need to get another referral.

Q. Is there any parking?

A. We are located opposite a huge, free carpark. Please see our 'how to get here and parking" page.