Lodovica Mairè Rogati is an animal rights activist, vegan actress and dancer, screenwriter and TV author. She was born in Rome, she obtained when she was very young a Bachelor Degree in Communication Sciences specializing in Journalism.

She started immediately a collaboration with some important nature and travel magazines, (among those: 'Autocapital Travel' and 'Travel Viaggi'). Thanks to these professional experiences Lodovica Mairè Rogati discovered soon one of her greatest passions: Africa.

She is curious, flexible and she has many hobbies, Lodovica Mairè Rogati started her career as an actress in 2005 thanks to a Gruppo Mediaset sitcom called 'Sottopeso', directed by Marco Limberti. The following year Lodovica Mairè Rogati achieved her first job as a presenter of the telecast 'Tabù Show' broadcasted on RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana and in which she also collaborated as an author. The program deals with famous guests some sensitive topics, such as sexual discrimination, unmarried couples and the difficulties of people to find a job. The program had excellent TV ratings.

2006 is an important year for the career of Lodovica Mairè Rogati, she gets the role of co-star in the film 'Deadly Kitesurf', directed by Antonio De Feo. This movie allowed her to combine her two greatest passions: cinema and Africa. The film is in fact entirely shot in Africa.

In 2007 Lodovica Mairè Rogati has a new role as co-star, this time in the comedy with Massimo Boldi 'Matrimonio alle Bahamas', directed by Claudio Risi and produced by Medusa Film. The movie is filmed between Miami and the Bahamas. The cast includes Biagio Izzo, I Fichi d'India, Enzo Salvi, Anna Maria Barbera and Victoria Silvstedt.

In 2010 a new opportunity arrives from Rai Uno where Lodovica Mairè Rogati confirms her great skills as a host in the program 'Buon Compleanno Miss Italia nel Mondo', directed by Maurizio Pagnussat. In the same year she hosted the charity event 'Oncology for Africa'. Also in 2010 Lodovica Mairè Rogati approaches the world of TV series and in fact she was chosen to play Giusy Vasto in the second season of 'Il Commissario Manara' on Rai Uno, directed by Luca Ribuoli.

In 2014 Lodovica Mairè Rogati returns to the big screen with the film 'Pane e Burlesque', it also includes the actor and director Edoardo Leo. In the same year Lodovica Mairè Rogati became part of the cast of the second season of 'Il Giovane Montalbano', directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli always on Rai Uno.

In 2017 she starred in the set of the new TV series 'Squadra Mobile - Operazione Mafia Capitale', directed by Alexis Sweet, this time for the Mediaset network. In the same year Lodovica Mairè Rogati is in the cast of the new film by Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino entitled 'Loro' produced by Indigo Film which will be released in spring 2018. Also in 2018 her first book 'Cuore Africano' was published, a travel diary where Lodovica Mairè Rogati tells of her life in Africa.

Always in the forefront in defending the rights of the weakest in 2013 Lodovica Mairè Rogati founded the Association 'IO NON CI STO'. She has always been involved in the fight for animal rights and she is also a great supporter of the vegan diet that she has been following for many years.