Hey you, do you love buying, selling, looking for deals with apps?

Do you have at least one, if not several buy/sell apps installed? Are you constantly trawling Craigslist for items to purchase? Or uploading your cast offs to your local Facebook selling page?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions then you’ll also know just how stressful buying and selling online can be. Especially when it comes to meeting up and completing the transaction. That’s why we’ve created our new app, ‘Lockbox Local’.

Lockbox Local is a secure deposit payment app with mutual funds release for local transactions that are completed in person

What is Lockbox Local?

Lockbox Local is our awesome new app that takes the worry out of selling and buying from strangers. Lockbox Local is a secure deposit payment app, that ensures all transactions made between local sellers and buyers are safe and secure.

By having this third party app take care of monetary transactions, both buyers and sellers can feel confident and protected in the deal they’re about to make. All Lockbox Local users have to register their details with the app, verifying them as legit individuals, and taking the risk out of buying and selling.

How does Lockbox Local work?

To use Lockbox Local, both buyers and sellers need to install the app and register. When a buyer contacts a seller, asking them to hold an item for pickup, the seller can request payment via the app. Buyers then simply deposit the money for the item into Lockbox Local.

Once the buyer is satisfied with the products they saw online both parties approve the transaction. Lockbox Local then releases the money into the sellers account.

If the buyer is unable to make it, or is not happy with the quality of the product, Lockbox Local will return the money to the buyer. The app keeps both Seller and Buyer notified of the transaction status. This makes Lockbox Local a win win for both buyers and sellers.

Why Use Lockbox Local?

There are numerous reasons why you should download the app and start using Lockbox Local. Let’s have a look at the benefits for both buyers and sellers…


● You can maintain control of your money until your have reviewed the merchandise and are happy with what you are purchasing.

● You can reserve a product by paying a deposit into Lockbox. This means you won’t miss out on a purchase just because another buyer lives closer to the seller and can get there faster.

● You don’t need to meet up with a total stranger carrying a large amount of cash. This increases your safety, and takes the fear of being robbed out of the meet up.


● Lockbox Local provides assurance that a buyer will actually turn up, as they have already committed to the sale by paying a deposit via the app.

● You won’t waste time or lose sales waiting for buyers who are late or who never even show up.

● Lockbox Local adds the extra dimension of safety to your meetups, as to use the app buyers (and sellers) need to register with their personal details, including name, phone number, and address.

As you can see, Lockbox Local ensures smoother and safer transactions for both buyers and sellers. Let’s now have a look at how this app can be used in different situations to improve both parties’ experiences...

Use Lockbox Local to Keep You Safe

Making a purchase or a sale to someone online is great, until you have to meet them in person to pick up the goods or hand over the money. If you’ve ever thought carefully about the safest place to meet, taken your friend with you, or seen the person you’re supposed to be meeting and kept on walking, then you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Violent incidents are sadly a part of selling to, and buying products from, total strangers who have connected with you online. And are definitely something all buyers and sellers are aware of. Lockbox Local helps takes these security worries out of the picture.

By using Lockbox Local, no money has to physically change hands. Transactions are all online and dealt with via the app. So having to carry large amounts of cash to the meet up is a thing of the past. Add to that the verification process both parties need to go through to register for the app and the transaction process immediately becomes more relaxed.

Lockbox Local Means ‘Renegotiating Prices’ is a Thing of the Past

If you sell regularly online then I’m sure you will have come up against the ‘renegotiator’. You turn up at a meet to sell your product for $50, but the buyer (or renegotiator) only turns up with $40. Either you sell the item and lose out on the cash, or you don’t sell it and you lose out on time. This is a frustrating situation that we have all found ourselves in.

Lockbox Local takes the chances of this ‘renegotiating’ situation occurring down to zero with the payment deposited through Lockbox Local prior to the meet up. Therefore, as the seller, the agreed to price is safeguarded, helping to take the extra stress and worry out of the meet up.

Stop Your Time Being Wasted With Lockbox Local

Everyone wants to sell their items in the fastest amount of time, from the comfort of their own home. No one wishes to wait around in the cold for a buyer who may or may not turn up. Or have to re-advertise products as the sale didn’t materialize, even though you had accepted the offer and turned other buyers down.

Equally, as a buyer, you don’t want to drive miles to pick up a product, only to be told when you arrive that the item has been sold to someone else who got there first.

Money speaks louder than words and Lockbox Local enables buyers to secure an item with a deposit. And once a payment via Lockbox Local has been made, the seller has assurance that the buyer will turn up and complete the transaction. This provides the certainty of the transactions for both parties. And helps establish a smooth and easy experience for all involved.

Time to Download Lockbox Local?

As you can see, Lockbox Local makes transactions fast, safe, and secure. This app will take care of all monetary elements of the deal, consequently saving you much time and hassle. And importantly, Lockbox Local will take all the risk and worry out of the transaction process, giving you peace of mind whether you are buying or selling.

Want to dramatically improve your online buying and selling experience? Click here to download Lockbox Local now.