Lockbox Local - less risk, more sales, respect your time

The peer-to-peer reseller marketplace has many apps for listing your items for sale and virtually connecting with buyers. Then what? Meeting strangers, wasting time, loosing sales waiting for buyers who are late or never show.

Sellers, qualify your buyers, get a deposit with Lockbox Local

Buyers, money talks, use Lockbox Local to secure your item with a deposit

Everyone is registered

Now when you list your things the buyer can reserve an item with a deposit and you can make the sale...

Make more sales the first time, faster with automated deposit payment

We believe all the people buying and selling goods and services every day in the reseller marketplace deserve a safer more secure experience while ensuring a higher certainty of making the sale

Items sold at garage and estate sales, online/apps, social media, are unique, these transactions are personal. We want the buying and selling experience to be protected and easy.

A safer, secure transaction, users are registered and provide a payment method

Automated deposit with mutual funds release

Only you can register your account, using your phone number

Sellers, qualify buyers, the buyer has deposited the money, buyer and seller only need to click a button to complete the transaction

No need to take cash or cards with you to complete the transaction

Buyers secure what you want with a deposit and maintain control of your money until you pick-up your merchandise in person

No complicated process to request your money back if the product is not as advertised, your money is returned automatically if the transaction is not approved by both buyer and seller