Stories of the Devil

There are endless stories about "The Devil" and "devils" in European folk traditions, and you may be surprised by the roles that the Devil plays in these stories, roles that are often far removed from Biblical traditions and theological assumptions.

PART A: Artchila Murtchila — The Drunkard's Son — The Three Apprentices — How the Devil Married Three Sisters — The Evil One and Kitta Grau — The Devil's Bridge at Mynach Falls — The Legend of the Unfinished Palace

PART B: The Lord's Animals and the Devil's — The Creation of the Fiddle — The Devil and his Grandmother — The Devil's Bridge — The Devil and the Red Cap — Billy Duffy and the Devil — Twardowski, The Polish Faust

Image credit: Maria Laach Abbey; the Devil is writing down the sins of the visitors. For more about this project, see My Sites. Created by Laura Gibbs. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).