LIPS 2018 Documents:

LIPS 2018 program

Comments from the 2018 Future of LIPS group discussion

President Nixon's never-needed Apollo 11 disaster announcement, referenced by Tom Barry in One More Time with Feeling

Video of Eddie Goldstein explaining how an astrolabe works

Amy Truksa's A Model for Elementary Teacher Professional Development

Ronn Kistler's presentation on vocal warmups and techniques

Alan Gould's presentation on program organization options

Worksheets for Briana Ingermann's 'Survivor Challenge' Session

Instructor's Guide for 'Survivor Challenge'

LIPS-style workshop from IPS 2018, Data to Dome: How do we make it live and interactive?:

Worksheets from Data to Dome session

Mini LIPS 2018 Documents:

This Mini LIPS took place just before the SEPA-WAC started.

Comments from Karrie Berglund's Targeting Misconceptions session

Instructions on building the comet model Adam Thanz demostrated

Additional activities mentioned by Adam Thanz

Instructions on building the Bays Mountain sun model

Presentation slides from Jon Elvert's presentations, "Say What?" and "Atomic Hotel"

LIPS-style workshop on Learning Styles during SEPA-WAC 2018:

Ideas generated by the four small groups

Mini LIPS 2017 Documents:

Mini LIPS 2017 took place just before the Pleiades, the US national planetarium conference.

Documents from April Whitt's "Paper Stars" session

Data to Dome group stories

LIPS 2017 Info:

Data to Dome workshop

Data to Dome comments

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

Summary of Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome group discussions

2016 Info:

Assorted references

Place requests for affordable solar viewing glasses through the Museum Alliance:

Online scale model calculator:

Mike Francis's presentation skills workshop:

Second City’s 25 Lessons for Improving Creativity and Collaboration:

Suggested book: "Yes, And: How Improvisation Reverses 'No, But' Thinking and Improves Creativity and Collaboration--Lessons from The Second City" by Kelly Leonard and Tom Yorton

Workshop Outline

Astronomers' Improv: List of Names for workshop exercise 3 on above PDF

Toshi Komatsu's CosmoQuest presentation:

2017 Great American Eclipse information and activities:

John Erickson's eclipse demonstrator:

Eclipse simulator

Instructions and parts list for Dave Bradstreet's fabric gravity well vortex

Inquire, Engage, Ask, Illuminate

Jeff Nee's presentation about NASA's Museum Alliance:

Public compilation of Juno mission resources: (for Museum Alliance members)

Amy Truksa's Mapping the Constellations:

Mapping the Constellations

Low resolution group photo:

LIPS 2016 group photo

Contact Karrie (Karrie AT for high resolution version

2015 Info:

From Alan Gould's presentation, Use NGSS to Design a Planetarium Activity

Use NGSS to Design a Planetarium Activity

From Jeff Nee's session, "Self Reflection in the Planetarium:" Self-Reflection

From Toshi Komatsu: MAVEN SOS show/DigitalSky adaptation and materials are available at: NASA Goddard Visualizations for/about MAVEN available at: Other missions & instruments are available at: Mentioned in passing: Kepler mini-shows (previewed at LIPS 2014) available at:

From Kaoru Kimura's session, "Translating an English Script into Japanese:" Translating an English Script into Japanese

From Susan Button's session, "Mythology with a New Twist!:" Mythology with a New Twist!

2013 Info:

LIPS 2013 Note Summary

LIPS Big Numbers

Preschoolers and Astronomy Handout

2012 Info:

How do we know...?

Summary for LIPS 2012

Legends of different cultures

Powerpoint Presentation of Rob Cockcroft's Misconceptions Presentation

2011 Info:

Notes from Alan Gould from 2011 LIPS

Summary from John Kauffmann

LIPS 2011 Notes Summary