Welcome to the Live, Interactive Planetarium Symposium website!

e-LIPS 2021 registration and session proposals are now open!

The exact schedule will be worked out once we have a sense of the best times for the largest number of attendees. We expect to have three to four hours of e-LIPS programming per day from Tuesday, September 21 through Friday, September 24.

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Contact Karrie Berglund, karrie@DigitalisEducation.com with any questions or for assistance.

UPDATE ON LIPS 2021, August 13, 2021:

LIPS 2021 will be virtual, also known as an e-LIPS. We are not going to reach our minimum attendance of 30 attendees. Stay tuned for details on the e-LIPS, which will take place September 21 - 24.

We made the decision to go virtual based on the results of the recent survey. It is clear that:

1. For many potential attendees, travel is difficult, if not outright impossible. In some cases the difficulty is budget-related, while in others travel is currently outright prohibited by the home institution or not allowed by the US government (from the UK, Europe's Schengen area, etc.).

2. There are significant concerns about the COVID Delta variant, which are of course warranted. When weighing the risk, people have to take into account not only their own health but also the health of the people they live with. Many comments on the survey addressed this.

Thank you to the following people for their work and input:

* Charissa Sedor and Mike Hennessy of the Buhl Planetarium, who would have been our LIPS 2021 hosts. We will see you in Pittsburgh for LIPS 2023, where we will implement your excellent plans.

* Mark Webb of GOTO, Inc. for acting as sponsor liaison again this year. He was ready to spring into action if we were able to meet in person!

* Mark and Michael McConville of E& and Spitz, Inc. for reviewing the survey results and providing feedback.

For those of you who did register, Karrie Berglund will be in touch early the week of August 16 about refunding your payments.

Basic information about LIPS:

What: LIPS will specifically focus on live, interactive planetarium lessons: connecting with your audience; enhancing performance skills; classroom management techniques; sample activities; etc. LIPS' goals include:

  • To provide a participatory and practical professional development opportunity focusing on live presentations.

  • To offer an opportunity to network with others doing live, interactive shows.

  • To share information about available resources and products.

  • To share ideas for improving programs: content, teaching tips, classroom management, etc.

  • To explore what is required to start or improve an outreach program or business.

LIPS is different from other planetarium conferences in several key ways:

  • This is not a full-dome movie festival; instead it focuses on skills and techniques for live lessons. While there are sponsor demonstrations, these are live, interactive teaching demonstrations.

  • There are no true "lectures" at LIPS; all sessions should be interactive. Prospective presenters: Remember that attendees are coming to LIPS because they do (or want to start to do) live, interactive lessons. This audience wants to actively take part in sessions, not observe passively.

  • The audience size is limited to 40 to 60 attendees, based on host capacity. This limit is so that all attendees participate in all events together; there are no session tracks. This leads to a unique sense of cohesion by the end of each LIPS. For 2021, the cap is set at 60 attendees.