Since 1961 Lions Clubs have been sending as many students as possible around the world.  In so doing, we hope that to experience another culture will bring about a better understanding of people and lead to more peaceful relations worldwide.  Our thousands of “ambassadors of goodwill,” who do not have to come from Lions family members, are picked, not for their scholastic ability, but for their desire to learn about another culture.

The Lions Youth Exchange Program was launched to provide today’s youth, our leaders of tomorrow, an opportunity to learn about people and cultures other than their own in an effort to promote world peace. Young people are given the opportunity of living with a family or families in a foreign country for a few weeks to experience first-hand a new culture, history and a different way of life. The ultimate goal is to have each participant upon returning home share his or her experiences in promoting international understanding. Lions Clubs International Youth Exchange Program was officially adopted in 1961 as a unique cultural learning opportunity for our youth and not conducted for tourism, formal education or employment.

With the mission of promoting peace and international understanding, the Youth Camp and Exchange Program (YCE) offers thousands of young people the opportunity to experience life in another culture and understand the world differently through travel abroad, where they will enjoy a family welcome in many of the cases and a youthful coexistence in the camps.

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“For a World of Understanding Through Lions Youth Exchange”