Introduction to Linguistics


This is a fully online course.

"Coca-Cola" in Amharic, one of many Ethiopian languages.

What do you find fascinating about language?

You are invited to bring your personal experiences to this course.

  • Together, we will critically evaluate your everyday uses of language.

  • We will also explore the importance of language in arenas of education, law, politics, arts & entertainment, immigration, language learning, urban planning, mobile & voice-assist technology, and more.

Check out this video welcome to LING1!

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  • We’ll discuss your questions & talk about your goals as a linguist.

Welcome, Linguists!

Greetings From Your Instructor

I'm Professor Jamie A. Thomas, and I will be your online instructor for Introduction to Linguistics!

I look forward to getting to know you this semester.

In our time together, I pledge to bring you content that challenges your conceptions of:

  • what ‘good’ language is,

  • how language works,

  • why people become linguists, and

  • the many ways we can use language for good.

Let’s work on building our strategies for communication and learning!


Prof. Thomas

(pronouns: she/her, they/their)

"Welcome" in Pakistani Sign Language (PSL).

About This Syllabus

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How to Get Answers to General Questions

Use the Q&A Discussion

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The Q&A Discussion on our Canvas course page is a great place for general, course-related questions. Your peers might even answer you there!

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