Lindsey Greenfield, Psy.D.

I focus on providing comprehensive and individualized neuropsychological and psychological evaluations that are informed by my background in clinical work and collaborating with families, schools, and other providers. My ultimate goal for each evaluation is to help children succeed and reach their full potential. I view evaluations as a collaborative and therapeutic process, during which we work together to identify the questions you would like answered by the evaluation, piece together relevant background information that is pertinent to your current concerns, form hypotheses and “best guesses” about your child’s difficulties, and use the testing data to answer your questions. While the evaluation will yield quantitative data and diagnoses, my focus is on helping you and your child to better understand the big picture, including strengths and weaknesses, as well as to identify practical interventions and recommendations that will help set up your child for success. Learn more about each type of evaluation here.

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