About LSC

Celebrating 50+ years strong as a sailing club!

While the the dam at Branched Oak Lake was still under construction, a group of far-sighted sailors recognized the opportunity and seized the moment. On March 21, 1968 they filed for incorporation under the Nebraska Nonprofit Corporation Act for a group to be known as the Lincoln Sailing Club and stated their purpose to be as follows:

“to promote and encourage the sport of sailing and sailboat racing; to promote and provide facilities for the sport of sailing and pleasure boating and other water sports; to promote and provide facilities relating to water sports; to develop and administer a yachting club for the benefit of its members and guests and invitees.”

A lease was obtained, a clubhouse was built, and other improvements were made as required by the lease to provide a place to enjoy the sport of sailing.

The Lincoln Sailing Club is home to the Lincoln Snipe Fleet, which was chartered by the Snipe Class International Racing Association (SCIRA) in 1963.

Lincoln Sailing Club has a new Sunfish Fleet beginning in 2018. Sunfish Fleet #706.

The Club has a limited membership, but maintains a waiting list for new members. For information about joining the Lincoln Sailing Club, email lincolnsailingclub@gmail.com

LSC Board of Directors

Commodore & Director Liaison for Racing

Mary Buckley

Mary joined the Sailing Club in the mid 1980s with her husband, John, having never sailed in her life. But soon after, she was hooked, and now enjoys sharing her love of sailing with others. John and Mary have raced Snipes around the country, and met many wonderful people that also enjoy sailing, even bare-boating in the Caribbean with some of them. Besides racing a Snipe, they have a “fleet” of extra Snipes they allow others to sail, as well as two Sunfish and a Chrysler 22 that occasionally sees the water.

Vice Commodore & Director Liaison for Docks and Machinery Committee

Tom Willoughby

As a teenager, Tom learned how to sail on a catamaran with his father and then spent many summer afternoons after work sailing a Hobie 16 on Lake St. Louis in Montreal. Since joining the Lincoln Sailing Club in 2012, Tom can be found on a Hobie 16 racing in the open class.

Secretary & Director Liaison for Social Committee

Vicki Albert

Vicki was introduced to sailing at a young age when her parents decided to take lessons. Her parents then joined the Lincoln Sailing Club and the entire family participated in racing Snipes and other sailboats. Vicki's father Larry Briggs, and two brothers, John and Matt are current members. Vicki has a Snipe and co-owns a Sunfish.

Treasurer & Director Liaison for Participation and Promotion Committee

Peter Hind

Peter grew up in Bermuda sailing for a few summers in Hamilton Harbor and messed around with his brother in a Sunfish (most of the time it was tied to the dock). After about thirty-five years of not being in a boat, Peter and his family, Wendy, Nina (London), William, and Lexi, joined Lincoln Sailing Club in 2019. Peter’s primary role is to crew for daughter and skipper, Lexi, who continues to improve her racing skills in a Snipe. As a board member, Peter’s goal is to bring more junior sailors to the lake and boast participation in all aspects of sailing.

Director at Large & Liaison for Buildings & Grounds Committees

Rich Reichenbach

I began my sailing experiences on a Sunfish back in the 70s through a high school friend who lived on Pine Lake. My first boat ownership was in 1990 with an old 17 foot McGregor Venture (micro-cruiser). I enjoyed it so much I upgraded years later to a Hunter 23.5. I keep my Hunter at a slip in the Marina, making getting out sailing easier. I enjoy a few trips each year to Lake McConaughy and its sand beaches. I usually sail solo, but my wife Donna accompanies me often when she’s able and it’s not too windy. Both of us enjoy nature, music, being outside and being part of a sailing community. Donna and I look forward to continued participation and to adding to those new friends we’ve already met in the Sail club.

LSC Fleet Captains

Lincoln Snipe Fleet #567 Captain

Andrew Ozaki

Margaret and I joined the Lincoln Snipe Fleet and Lincoln Sailing Club in the mid-80’s.

We have three sons Marshall, Grant and Will and a grandson Henry who just turned one on March 13th. We have a snipe and a laser sailboat.

Sunfish Fleet #706 Captain

Dale Benham

Dale took his first sailboat ride in a Sunfish in 2008 and soon had one of his own to sail. He began racing at Holmes Lake on Thursday nights in 2010 and joined LSC in 2016. He sails his 20’ wooden Sooty Tern double ended sailboat and races his Sunfish. He is thrilled by the magic of the wind propelling a boat across the water and enjoys racing or just cruising the lake.