About LSC

Celebrating 50+ years strong as a sailing club!

While the the dam at Branched Oak Lake was still under construction, a group of far-sighted sailors recognized the opportunity and seized the moment. On March 21, 1968 they filed for incorporation under the Nebraska Nonprofit Corporation Act for a group to be known as the Lincoln Sailing Club and stated their purpose to be as follows:

“to promote and encourage the sport of sailing and sailboat racing; to promote and provide facilities for the sport of sailing and pleasure boating and other water sports; to promote and provide facilities relating to water sports; to develop and administer a yachting club for the benefit of its members and guests and invitees.”

A lease was obtained, a clubhouse was built, and other improvements were made as required by the lease to provide a place to enjoy the sport of sailing.

The Lincoln Sailing Club is home to the Lincoln Snipe Fleet, which was chartered by the Snipe Class International Racing Association (SCIRA) in 1963.

Lincoln Sailing Club has a new Sunfish Fleet beginning in 2018. Sunfish Fleet #706.

The Club has a limited membership, but maintains a waiting list for new members. For information about joining the Lincoln Sailing Club, email lincolnsailingclub@gmail.com

LSC Officers

Dale M. Benham

Vice Commodore
Maryann Brock

Vicki Albert

Mary Buckley

Director At Large
Rich Reichenbach

Lincoln Snipe Fleet Captain
Andrew Ozaki