Sunfish Fleet #706
southwest district

LSC Sunfish Fleet #706

In 2018 the LSC formed Sunfish Fleet #706.  Since that time we have had great success by bringing new and seasoned sailors to sail Sunfish.  Additionally, we have put on annual Sunfish Regattas since 2017, which I have discovered is a relative rare event.  This year, we will host the Southwest Regional Sunfish Championship regatta Sept 24-25.  Since the top finisher will qualify for Sunfish Nationals in 2024, this race will attract a large number of sailors as well has maintaining a place for newer Sunfish racers to compete - the regatta will be first and foremost, our LSC Sunfish regatta, just the added benefit of being a qualifier.  We want to have a good showing of LSC Sunfish sailors.  Through August and September, club racing will focus on improving sailing skills for sunfish sailors.