Lim Lab

Exploring how 14-3-3 proteins contribute to metabolism and metabolic diseases

Welcome to the Lim lab at the Centre de recherche du Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal!

We are a group of motivated scientists, whose goal is to understand how adaptor/scaffold proteins belonging to the 14-3-3 protein family control metabolic processes and whether they contribute to the development of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and obesity.

Lab news!

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July: Congratulations to Kadidia Diallo, M.Sc. for her recently accepted paper in Molecular Metabolism!

April: Hooray! Work from Abel Oppong, a previous M.Sc. student, was accepted for publication in Am J Physiol Endo Metab.

April: Congratulations to Dr. Sabri Rial for his FRQNT Postdoctoral Fellowship award!

March: The lab was awarded a CIHR Bridge grant to study the role of 14-3-3zeta in pancreatic beta-cell function

February: Welcome the newest postdoctoral fellow to the Lim lab, Dr. Sabri Rial.

January: The Lim lab was awarded an Intercentre Initiative by the CMDO to further our collaboration with Dr. André Carpentier's group to study the role of 14-3-3zeta in thermogenesis!


December 2019: Abel Oppongs's memoire was official accepted! Congratulations on successfully completing your Master's (M.Sc.) degree, Abel!

November 2019: Kadidia Diallo's memoire was official accepted! Congratulations on completion a successful Master's (M.Sc.) degree, Kadidia!

October 2019: The Lim lab was successful in obtaining an Islet Award Initiative grant from the Intergrated Islet Distribution Program (IIDP) to further support its efforts to understand how 14-3-3 proteins can influence pancreatic beta-cell function.

September 2019: After the first Interstellar Initiative Workshop, the lab was awarded funding from AMED to support a collaborative project with Drs Shuhei Nakamura (Osaka University) and Mark McCormick (University of New Mexico)!

September 2019: Welcome Fred Azar, B.Sc., to the lab as a new M.Sc. student.

July 2019: Woohoo! The lab's application for the Interstellar Initiative, which is co-organized by the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) and the Japan Agency for Medical Research (AMED) was accepted!

May 2019: Congratulations to Dr. Yves Mugabo, a postdoc in the lab. He has the recipient of both a CIHR Postdoctoral award and a Banting Postdocotoral award. Way to go!

May 2019: Welcome to Maria Galipeau and David Millette for their stagiaires. They come from the Biochemistry program at the University of Montreal

April 2019: Please welcome Samanta Del Veliz, who joins us as a visiting student from Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. She is being supported by a Wood Whelan Fellowship from the IUBMB!

April 2019: Congratulations and best wishes to Samantha Yuen, who just completed her Co-op work-term. A very talented and capable student from Concordia University!


November 2018: New invited review discussing the therapeutical potential of targeting 14-3-3 proteins for metabolic diseases is out in Pharmacological Research! Congrats to Abel and Kadidia!

October 2018: Congrats to Abel on being awarded a travel award from the Montreal Diabetes Research Centre

October 2018: Members of the Lim lab had a successful trip to Halifax for the Diabetes Canada Annual meeting!

September 2018: Congrats to Yves for his review being accepted in Endocrinology!

July 2018: Welcome to Christina Grech, who joins us for a summer internship. She is currently a medical student in Austria and is part of the IFMSA programme!

June 2018: Congratulations to Gareth, who was awarded the CIHR Canada Research Chair in Adipocyte Development!

May 2018: Congrats to Gareth, who received a Fonds de recherce Québec Santé (FRQS) Chercheur boursier-Junior 1 Scholar Award

April 2018: Congrats to Abel for his CIHR Canada Graduates Scholarship-Master's (CGS-M) Award

March 2018: Congrats to Yves for his first paper from the Lim Lab, which is now online in the Journal of Biological Chemistry

February 2018: The Lim Lab was awarded a John Evan's Leaders Fund (JELF) award from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) to establish an Adipocyte Profiling Platform!


September 2017: Welcome Dr. Yves Mugabo, Ph.D., who is the Lim Lab's first postdoctoral fellow!

September 2017: Welcome M.Sc. Students: Kadidia Diallo, Abel Oppong, and Jeremie Shabani to the Lim Lab!

June 2017: The Lim Lab has been awarded a Discovery Award from the Banting Research Foundation!

May 2017: The Lim Lab welcomes Mina Sadeghi (Hons Biology & Pharmacology Co-op) from McMaster University as its first co-op student

April 2017: The Lim Lab was awarded its first CIHR (Project) grant to study the role of 14-3-3zeta in adipocytes!

March 2017: The Lim lab was awarded an NSERC Discovery grant to understand how 14-3-3zeta may anchor transcriptional complexes during adipocyte differentiation


Sept 2016: The Lim lab was born!

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