Work Experience

Social Media and Campaign Marketing Manager TechEquity Collaborative (October 2021 - present)

  • Managed and developed content for all social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok to educate, drive event attendance, and encourage activism within the tech community

  • Created the TechEquity TikTok account

  • Wrote, produced, directed, edited, and/or starred in over 25 videos to promote events and educate our audience on our key issues

  • Developed a spreadsheet of over 65 potential public stances on a variety of different issues within the tech realm in order to inform our communications work

  • Represented TechEquity at coalition meetings for organizations that deal with similar issues of housing, labor, and technology / the tech community

  • Engaged members of our community on social media while also leveraging our platforms as a tool to recruit more community members

Co-Founder and Web Builder Rated R (June 2020 - present)

  • Established an interactive guide to psycho-social resilience for digital activists with colleagues from the Human Rights Investigations Lab, which includes 9 different toolkits, informational YouTube playlists, and a calendar of resilience-related events around the world

  • Constructed and developed content for the website and co-manage our Instagram account

  • Developed and delivered a resilience workshop for members of the Citizen Clinic at UC Berkeley

  • Featured in an article on Amnesty International’s Citizen Evidence Lab blog and Berkeley News

Social Media Consultant OnlineSOS (December 2020 - August 2021)

  • Established the OnlineSOS Instagram & managed pre-existing social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn), increased website traffic by 115%

  • Conducted outreach & mobilization of the diverse OnlineSOS community

  • Collaborated with content creators, members of All Tech Is Human, & the Omidyar Network to create a virtual tech ethics TikTok house

Consultant Media Matters for America (October - December 2020)

Student Investigator Human Rights Investigations Lab, UC Berkeley (February 2019 - July 2020)

  • Investigated human rights violations using open source information, advancing the goals of four different NGOs

  • Verified videos of police brutality in Chile and airstrikes in Yemen, and analyzed the corporate structure of a mining company in Peru for potential avenues of individual criminal liability for the company’s pollution

  • Developed reports for our partners and articles with media outlets (such as the Washington Post) to generate awareness of human rights abuses

  • Published an ethical and tactical framework for utilizing social media in investigations, generating a series of conversations around lab ethics and increasing performance efficiency by 25%

  • Served as a youth delegate on behalf of lab at RightsCon Tunis (2019), engaged with over 50 people and increasing awareness of open source by 10%

Program AssistantCenter for Latin American Studies (CLAS), UC Berkeley (September 2016 - May 2020)

  • Conceptualized a social media strategy (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) that increased event attendance by 10% and public knowledge of center research by 15%

  • Edited copy and photos for our website and our print publication, which is distributed to 750 people, including Governor Jerry Brown and Mexican political reporter Denise Dresser

  • Monitored and nurtured email lists with thousands of names and data of event attendees and donors

  • Produced a video series on our summer field research grant recipients that doubled student awareness of the program and increased donor interest by 10%

  • Generated high-impact events in-person and over Zoom with with audiences of up to 400 people and well-renowned speakers such as UN High Commissioner of Human Rights Michelle Bachelett

Administrative AssistantHuman Rights Center (HRC), UC Berkeley (June 2018 - December 2019)

  • Developed strategic research plan to finalize Associate Director' book chapter on disappeared children in El Salvador, increased awareness leading to the reunification of 3 illegally adopted children

  • Revamped the HRC website ( by organizing resources, articles and content, tripling online growth and doubling student participation and engagement

  • Composed outreach adverts using applications within the Adobe Creative Suite that I then posted on social media and distributed throughout campus

Intern Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA), San Francisco (June - August 2019)

  • Collaborated with the legal team to track 5 human rights violators utilizing open source investigation skills

  • Collated over 500 archived web pages which served as part of the CJA’s memo during litigation

  • Trained CJA’s 15 staff members on open source investigation methods and cybersecurity in preparation for their trips to Sri Lanka and Colombia to prevent potential government surveillance

  • Produced a calendar of CJA anniversaries and human rights holidays, crafted a social media post for each event

Undergraduate Research Assistant The Holocaust and Genocide in Guatemala, Estelle Tarica, UC Berkeley (February - May 2018)

  • Conducted research on the 1980s genocide of the Mayan people in Guatemala and whether or not this genocide was compared to the Holocaust -- both nationally and internationally

  • Located and translated Guatemalan publications and interviews


Volunteer All Tech Is Human (June 2020 - present)

  • Co-wrote and edited a report on digital governance, specifically analyzing public policy developments in key jurisdictions across the globe as well as the role of civil society policy development at the national & global scales

  • Contributed to report on improving social media, including interviews with key tech leaders & personal opinions on social media policy

  • Mentored 3 young tech ethics students/professionals

Conference Coordinator Rethinking Economics (March 2021 - July 2021)

  • Developed a social media strategy (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) to promote the conference

  • Researched, invited, & managed 10 speakers from around the world for sessions under the Digital Economies theme

  • Chaired the session on whether or not technology helps or hinders socioeconomic justice

  • Partnered with local, national, & international organizations to promote the conference and develop conference content

Founder and Editor-in-ChiefThe Rights Stuff, UC Berkeley (February 2019 - May 2020)

  • Pioneered UC Berkeley’s first human rights journal, growing the staff from 5 to 35 people in under a year and increasing our article output by 50% in our second semester

  • Composed pieces on mental resilience and indigenous sovereignty that were viewed by over 70 people

  • Facilitated workshops on mental health and resiliency in the human rights field as well as career development for the team, resulting in six internship offers

  • Coordinated a launch event for our first print publication and an accompanying fundraising campaign selling our print and branded merchandise that has raised over $500

  • Mentored 10 members of staff, including the incoming Editor-in-Chief

  • Represented the publication at Northwestern University Community for Human Rights' 2020 conference

Alumni Chair, Pledge Class President Delta Phi Epsilon (Foreign Service Fraternity), Epsilon Chapter, UC Berkeley (February 2018 - May 2020)

  • Delta Phi Epsilon is a co-ed international relations professional fraternity

  • Served as President of my pledge class (2018 Spring) planning plan three types of events -- social, international relations related, and fundraising

  • Spearheaded a fundraising effort that raised over $250

  • Facilitated 3 pledge class socials, budgeting and collecting additional funds and purchasing food and drinks

  • Developed a public international relations event on climate change and foreign policy that was attended by over 30 people

  • Served as Alumni chair in Spring 2019, connecting our active chapter members with over 100 DPhiE alumni

  • Mentored over 30 members on academic and career issues, with 4 formal mentees that I continue to guide through their time at Cal and in planning for their futures

Staff Writer Berkeley Political Review (BPR), UC Berkeley (September 2017 - May 2019)

  • Wrote under the U.S. section of BPR

  • Engineered a project chronicling issues within the five U.S. territories, producing 3 articles

  • My articles were featured in the print publication both semesters I participated, "The State of Puerto Rico" (Fall 2017) and "Wanted: Young, White, and Angry" (Spring 2018)

  • Garnered over 400 visits to the BPR website through my articles as well as indiividually promoting the organization

  • Developed several presentations on photo searching and creative commons, boosting staff awareness of copyright infringement by 75%

International Projects ManagerExternal Affairs Vice President, Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC), UC Berkeley (August - December 2017)

  • Developed and organized programming and events relevant to the goals of the International Affairs Department within the office of the External Affairs Vice President of the ASUC

  • Coordinated an event on human rights in Venezuela, recruiting 3 academic guest speakers and providing a post-event space for 15 Venezuelan students to share art they made about the issue

  • Devised a networking event for international students with over 20 international alumni

Campaign Manager Hayley "Major Leaguer" Krieger for ASUC Senate, UC Berkeley (December 2016 - May 2017)

  • Managed social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), garnering, at minimum, 250 followers on each account

  • Organized and delagated tasks to staffers

  • Developed the following campaign platforms: GSI training, greek diversity, and resources for survivors of sexual violence

Intern Senator Marandah Field-Elliot, Associated Students of the University of California, UC Berkeley (September 2016-February 2017)

  • Represented the student body of UC Berkeley, fighting specifically for mental health issues though plan events and advocating for people to the administration

  • Devised a mental health scavenger hutn across campus, seeking to reward students for educating themselves on mental health issues

Awards and Honors

NextGen Ambassador, Unfinished Live (2022)

Presenter, Diana Initiative Conference (2021)

Delegate, Northwestern University Community for Human Rights: 2020 Conference (2020)

Young Leaders Summit, RightsCon Tunis (2019)

Prozan Family Scholarship (2016)

Cox Cares Scholar (2016)

Valedictorian (2016)

Biliteracy Seal (Spanish) (2016)


UC Berkeley Global Studies (3.8 GPA)

I started at UC Berkeley in the Fall of 2016. I graduated from UC Berkeley in May 2020 with a 3.8 GPA, obtaining a B.A. in Global Studies (track in Development Studies, area of expertise in the Americas) with a minor in Human Rights. Click here to see more about the courses I've taken.


Justice & Equity in Tech Policy - University of Michigan (In Progress)
Tech Stewardship Practice Program, Tech Stewardship (2022)
Foundations of Humane Technology - Center for Humane Technology (2022)

Optimizing Video Content for Social Media - LinkedIn (2021)

SEO: Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles - LinkedIn (2021)