Our nearest goals

Currently, we're working on the prototype of the basic battle system and some additional features that will allow you to feel how the game would be played at its core.

In the finished prototype you'll will have:

  1. Free playable characters with predefined ability sets and different styles of combat

  2. One big region with some amount of dungeons

  3. About 15 types of enemies and a plot Boss

  4. Quests which will drive you through the prototype

  5. Possibility to play online together with your friends

Prototype heroes

Tyr Olsen

My sword is at your service, sir!

Tyr Olsen, a carpenters son. Love of the sister and parents, regards from village neighbours who already see me as the fathers successor. What else a regular person would dream about?

But now Ive got another job – to serve for my land. Strong and durable youths like me are needed these troublesome days – to protect people from thugs, wild beasts, and undead. The Empire has truthfully given me an armor and a sword. Ill take my duty with an honor.

Isolde Berg

Names Isolde Berg, a royal sorceress.

An educated magician is never useless. Exiling some ghosts from the cattle corral? Collecting herbs for curing plague? Ripping off some heads without staining in blood? Burning up a campfire under water? Everything for a good payment.

Unlike these swordsmen and archers, I can free my shoulders from heavy armor and carry more gold instead. And I can fry one's face without touching my staff. So Im not some useful addition to your squad. You are.

Bjorn Hansson

Bjorn Hansson, a master of hammers and swords.

Heavy weapons are often not valued, but what if your sword gets broken in a half? And axes can be even thrown if needed.

I wasnt the one to grab an axe first. But I had to defend the life of people and the honor of my kin. Well, whats done is done – and now Im warming up my bones here. On the other hand, that place seems no bad either. Lets look around first and see what happens next…