Evil surrounds

LifeLeech - is an action-oriented game with RPG character progressions system usually called as Hack’n’Slash. Players will choose hero at game start and play through Campaign and end-game activities continuously developing their heroes and finding new powerful artifacts.

As hack’n’slash as the main reference biggest part of the game will be oriented on battles but during the gameplay other types of activities will pre presented such as world exploring, quest completing and others.

Movement is Life

Unlike in most other Hack’n’Slay games, LifeLeech characters can use the majority of their active skills while moving. Movement speed depends on chosen weapon type and specific skills.

Growing Power

Level progression is an integral part of LifeLeech. With every new level, characters gain new points for the development of their attributes and active skills. Level advancement also allows for new items to be used.

All active and passive skills are sorted in a big skill tree. In addition to common skills, heroes will have unique skill branches, allowing for a large number of unique character builds.

Legendary Equipment

Great heroes need only the best armor and weapons. The search for such equipment is an important part of LifeLeech. New items increase different hero attributes as well as spent skill points. And some very rare and unique items may come with game changing traits that can turn your build upside down.

Changing Realms

Long-living is provided by game fans. So having modding system is one of the greatest opportunities to prolong game’s life. Modders will get powerful and flexible instruments for modding almost any aspect of the game. Players will able to play in modded realms with any desired rules.

LifeLeech ARPG; CatBit Software 2021