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Isolde's Berg childhood story

Do you know some story about orcs?”

“It’s a bit late for stories, Zolya. Your parents are going to sleep. Even I’m feeling sleepy, too. Maybe, it’s better tomorrow?”

“But! Just one more story! I’ll be quieter than a meadow’s grass, I promise.”

“Well, Zolya.” Greta gets up slowly. “Just wait a minute. I’ll move that fabric on the passage, so your parents won’t hear our whispering and mumbling…”

Isolde’s parents were already lying on benches just in four meters from her. The lone candle at the corner was barely lighting the hut: Isolde could barely see her aunt’s face. But for Isolde, it have seemed that this faint spark was even adding to Greta’s look even more wisdom and care. Although she feared the darkness a bit, — a lot like other girls at her age — she felt protected while just sitting next to her aunt.

“There, there. Listen. That’s the story I was told by my friend, Adel.

They say it was when the world was still young. Gods were common guests in the mortal plane, forest maidens were living in every groove, the Erdas did not know these clawed beasts, and humans have never knew the decease and senility.

Among the divinities, there were two brothers, Argakash and Virgumang. They were strong, but lofty. Before the gods have created humans, elves, and wild animals, they have asked these brothers to help. They have only said, “Why would we need to create some bugs? We are great already, no need in someone to praise us.

So the gods went without them. People, their creations, were grateful to gods. They did not mention Argakash and Virgumang in their prayers, however, as they owed nothing to them.

Two brothers did not like it, but it was too late. Still, they considered themselves too proud to just “rip” the people from the hands of other divinities and force them to serve Argakash and Virgumang. They have decided to make their own race of servants.

For many years they had no success. One of them, Argakash, gave up eventually and has decided to “tame” his pride for a bit and to ask gods about their secrets of creating people. While Argakash was in his travel, Virguvarg has suddenly found the solution and created a number of beasts, who have never been given a name. They resembled humans and elves, but their heart was ruthless, and their snouts were ugly. Still, Virguvarg was proud of his work, wishing to build his success further, and he has decided to rest and to sleep a bit.

Argakash has not triumphed in his attempt, as the gods have rejected his request. He already felt bad, but when he saw Virguvarg with a pack of these vile creatures, he went completely mad. He has killed and eaten all of them, including his brother.

But shortly after that, Argakash has started feeling sorry for what he has done. Tormented by his remorse, he has decided to end his life, impaling himself with a sword. His blood has spilled to the dirt, and the race of new creatures has appeared. But they were nothing like the creatures of other gods: these ones were filled with bad blood of Argakash and Virgumang, and they already knew the betrayal and the misery. And these creatures have become orcs.”

Isolde was listening to that story with an unspeakable attention.

“Ba”, she has finally replied, “But if these creatures have been creature in such an ugly way, and they are as pure evil as people talk of them… Who will protect us from them?”

“There are strong and tough fighters, Zolya,” Greta has answered. “They will protect us not only from orcs, but from any other monsters. Don’t worry. We are guarded by the Union, and two kingdoms are stronger than ever when working together.”

“But would happen if Union meets bad times? People who are protecting us are still people. They might go soft, and our village would be among the first ones to be attacked.”

“Don’t worry, sweetie. It’s their duty. You are daughter of merchants, and you will aid people by doing your job. And they will do their part


While camping during her way to Cambria, Isolde Berg was sometimes asking herself: would Greta favor her as the royal magician?

Perhaps, she would. Maybe, she would be largely surprised, but Greta was certainly one of the last people to blame Isolde for her choices. Even though she still would feel less worrying for Isolde, had she stayed at home, Greta would bless her to the adventures.

Too bad these questions did not matter since Isolde has left her homeland for the final time.

It’s amazing how sometimes funny occasions from the past can form the one’s passion. As young educated girl, Isolde learned more stories, myths and legends from the past, including ones related to orcs. She did already expect that a lot of the knowledge about the old times is obscure, uncertain and richly spiced by a sheer people’s fantasy. But she was so obsessed with the process of learning more about what has considered important enough, that in her tender age many people have been already predicting her fate as the greatest scientist Erdas has ever had.

However, Isolde was still unsure how exactly to use her talents. Being a pure scientist would lock her in a quite limited circle of people, which would resemble a snake pit rather than a friendly company.

These questions also probably have had to wait, because on this sudden war these tiny bits of history were not in people’s primary favor. They would rather feel lucky dealing with the magician fighting with the monsters and solving their certain problems. And Isolde felt glad enough to help people, achieving her money quite easily.

But for some reason she has still felt that one or another day her information on the past of this world would be no less helpful.