Library Matters, India

Library Matters India is an initiative of Liferarian Association.

Professional learning and collaboration help individuals to grow, learn and impact the academic community. The Library Matters team works with other experts and serve as coaches and mentors to help interested library professionals to grow.  The goal of Library Matters is to instill a growth mindset in librarians and educators so that they can create a library or reading curriculum that is based on the institution's needs and learn the value of collaboration with teachers and students, as well as to build on all forms of literacy, making the library the centre of learning for Indian Curriculum Schools.

The workshops will be delivered by the Library Matters India, an initiative of the Liferarian Association. We believe that the right resource, when placed in the right hands, at the right time will bring percipience, joy, knowledge and creativity, thereby upholding the basic library principle – 'The Reader or Knowledge Seeker is the King'.  

The librarian’s role today is to meet the informational needs of users through print or digital resources.  The Google world makes it imperative for librarians to assist the users to skillfully navigate through the maze of the internet and establish a society of ethical users in pursuing their interests.

Library workshops will be conducted focusing on various topics ranging from management of resources, teaching students from Pre- school to senior school levels, introducing latest technology tools and the creation of a library curriculum integrated with skills and vision of the school’s curriculum.

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Library Matters India Professional Development For Librarians in National School Curriculum

The goal of Library Matters is to create a growth mindset among the Librarians, Educators, and Parents to empower them to build a library or reading curriculum tailored to upskill the 21st century learner.  

For librarians, this transformation to the role of a Teacher -Librarian can be achieved through collaboration with teachers and students; building all forms of literacy, making libraries the centre of learning for Indian Curriculum Schools.

These Teacher -Librarian workshops are for educators and individuals who aspire to use cutting-edge, 21st-century strategies and knowledge to enhance the school community. It will help build independent skills in resource planning, management, and collaboration among educators.

These workshops are open to all educators - teachers, librarians, parents, social workers, teaching assistants and other stakeholders who are involved in teaching children. Participants will learn to integrate the National curriculum & NEP guidelines into the classes. 


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