If you are a candidate who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex or a similarly non-conformist identity who is interested in running for office, please email: ChairLGBTQ@gmail.com.

Endorsed Candidates

Meet the LGBTQ+ Kansans stepping up to serve their communities in 2018! Make sure you're registered to vote for them by visiting www.KSVotes.org.

Either of these candidates, if elected, running for the Kansas Legislatur would be the first LGBTQ+ person ever

Susan Ruiz

Susan Ruiz is a clinical social worker who helps adults with severe mental illness access proper medical care and is running for the 23rd District of the Kansas House of Representatives.

Check out her website here.

Brandon Woodard

Brandon Woodard is a community organizer, advocate, and lifelong Kansan running to represent the 30th District in the Kansas House of Representatives. Visit his website here.

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