About Us

The Kansas LGBTQ+ Leadership PAC is a political action committee comprised of openly-LGBTQ+ leaders from across the state, dedicated to helping LGBTQ+ candidates and causes.

Who We Are

Current Chair: Matthew Calcara (left)

Current Vice Chair: Suzanne Wheeler (center)

Current Treasurer: Jeff Harris (right)

The Board

Every LGBTQ+ elected official in the state of Kansas is a member of our board.

  • Jeff Harris, Westwood City Council
  • Jason Jenkins, Linn Valley City Council
  • Jerred McKee, Manhattan City Commission
  • Michael Poppa, Roeland Park City Council
  • Henry Schwaller, Hays City Commission
  • Cindy "CC" Smith, Mayor of Linn Valley

Other Board Members

LGBTQ+ Kansans who are interested in joining our board are welcome to contact ChairLGBTQ@gmail.com.

We could also use volunteers to help our candidates. If you're interested in that, please visit our Volunteers page here.

PAC Board General Membership includes:

  • Evan Lovelace - Olathe, KS
  • Gina Long - Hutchinson, KS
  • You?