About the Project

About me

Hi! I'm Sadie Metcalfe and I use she/her/hers pronouns. I am a student at South Pasadena High School in South Pasadena, California. I am a Planned Parenthood Peer Advocate, a Peer Mediator at SPHS, I work avidly to create sex education accessibility, and I've been in Girl Scouts since 2011.

About the Gold Award

  • Girl Scout highest honor

  • Project that must be measurable and sustainable

  • Must be 80 hours of work

  • Must have a leadership component

About my project

community needs

  1. Lack of accurate information surrounding birth control

  2. Lack of access to birth control

  3. Misinformation/no information given in school settings

Plan of Action

  • Carefully-curated website with accurate information about birth control

  • Meetings with at least 4 professionals about birth control

    • Questions gathered from students and peers

  • Social media campaign

    • Train social media representatives about accurate information and how to social media campaign

  • Birth control drive

  • Present to a health class about birth control

  • Webinar for students and adults

My partners

Sarah egan

  • Project Advisor

  • Midwife at Planned Parenthood

  • Advocate and educator

Planned Parenthood

  • Community Partner

  • Brittany Cropper (Manager of Community Education)