Can i get birth control without anyone finding out?

  • Yes. You do not need permission from a parent or guardian to access birth control services. Confidentiality agreements between patients and doctors prevent doctors and clinicians from telling parents and/or guardians from telling your parents about any sensitive services.

Do i have to be a certain age to access birth control?

  • There is no age limits for accessing birth control including condoms.

  • You have to have started your period to use hormonal methods.

Where can i get a prescription?

  • You can get a prescription from your primary care provider, a gynocologist, or a physician from Planned Parenthood or clinics like it.

  • Some walk-in clinics will also provide birth control prescriptions.

Will i need to have an internal exam?

  • Diaphragms and IUDs must be fitted by a health care provider who will do an external exam and an internal pelvic exam.

  • Some hormonal methods require a PAP smear.

How do I pay for birth control?

  • If you have benefits from a drug plan (or a parent/guardian's drug plan) that will cover all or some of the cost, you may choose to go to a drug store to fill a birth control prescription.

  • Some sexual health clinics provide birth control at a lower cost than drug stores.

  • Planned Parenthood offers free condoms as well as birth control clinics, and some health clinics at school.