"My logo is a hot-air balloon, moving around Europe (migrations/European Union), which has a small plant as if it was the fuel to move. At the bottom, we can see recycling bags hanging from the basket, so that it gives balance to the balloon".


Aroa Hernández

"The logo I have created represents a paper airplane or a boat, to show the bad conditions people who have to migrate have. In addition, the airplane/boat faces the European Union flag and has the recycling/ecology logo on it".


Oihane Moya

"My design focuses on Europe, ecology and peace. The dove is carrying a basket with people, to represent migrations, and the arrows give importance to sustainability in Europe".
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Emma Touja

I made this logo to represent the bonds that the ERASMUS + project can create. When we look at the logo, without particularly knowing the meaning, we can easily guess that it’s related to friendship, social links, the union of different people. I have selected blue to represent the colour of the European flag, as this is a European programme. I deliberately chose to represent the persons in different tints to express harmony despite the differences of country, language, culture... In the centre of the logo, I added the symbol "+" in yellow to stand for the stars on the European flag and it also serves as a "connection" between the two persons drawn.As a conclusion, this logo was designed to be the epitome of happiness, friendship, connection with each other, love... in a very simple way, (they are smiling on the logo, by the way, so...) (-:


Malaury Héraud

​​I wanted to gather the differents countries of the project "Erasmus+", so I gathered all of them in a same identity that represent "Europa". The plane is here for the travel and to share cultures.


Wendy Troussier

"For my logo, I tried not to stay too focused on the theme given.Because even with the theme my logo may be correct but not fit enough to be used as the logo for the important papers it'll be used on.The process to get to this final logo was quite long knowing the fact that I had drawn the first version of my logo as a sketch in another class wich turned out to be a cool design (or at least to everyone except me).Then finding the appropriates colors was another hard task because I had the great idea of doing the first version in highliters which was a hard match as a color.But in the end with the help of my friends and art teacher I was able to do a better one.Thanks for taking a little of your time to read this, I hope you'll like my logo.

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Josefine, Arvid and Sascha

Hi there! Here is our final logo! With this logo, I would like to highlight the close relationship between the countries, France, Spain, Germany and Denmark. I would like to show the friendships that are created between the countries based on this exciting project. I wanted to show as much as possible, that we would all be reunited, by making a globe and four people who represent the countries. Around the earth, I have drawn stars that represent the excitement EU project. I also really wanted to highlight the different cultures, languages, and countries seen in this logo by placing the four countries' flags in each person's body. I have also linked the arms together to show the harmony, peace and good friendships that are created around the countries.
We hope you will enjoy this logo as much as we do! See you soon!


Anders, Arantxa, Lisa, Melanie

With our logo, we wanted to have internationality and learning as the main focuses. We have represented internationality by having a globe as the background. The green and blue colors symbolize a sustainable and prosperous planet. Raising your hand goes… hand in hand with learning. When you raise your hand, it signifies, that you want to ask a question, and asking questions is how we learn. So, you could also say that it provokes curiosity. Importantly, we wanted to focus on the cooperation, diversity and shared goals. That is why each hand represents a country. Even though all of us are unique, we still have a common goal - to learn and to develop a thriving planet for the future



From the top:The dove is symbolizing that we are at peace now.
The hands show that, even though we may not look the same on the outside, we have one united goal, and we are working together to get it done.
The hands are holding the globe showing the European nations, because we are focusing on Europe in this project. And we are different nations working on this together.
Then we have the leaves which is a symbol of the nature, and that we need the nature to survive in the earth, thats why the leaves are surrounding the earth in this logo.

For voting the logo go to: https://xoyondo.com/ap/RfXK0w79cInSPCf