Daily Reflections

This guide is to help youth and families journey through Lent in a meaningful way. Each day will begin with prayer, a Scripture reading, reflection and suggestions for ways to live out the faith.

On Sundays, there is curriculum for Youth Leaders to use with their groups through Lent.

Lent is a time to PRAY, FAST and GIVE. May God bless you on your Lenten journey.

Week 1 : March 2-5

Week 2: March 6-12

Week 3 : March 13-19

Week 4 : March 20-March 26

Week 5 : March 27-April 2

Week 6 : April 3-9

Holy Week : April 10-16

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A Google Classroom has been set up for this devotional. You are welcome to join the class and share your thoughts, ideas, questions and/or comments on what you have been reading. As with all online communities, we welcome open and respectful discussions.

You can submit photos of artwork, social media posts, or any form of communication to the class. Engagement with one another is encouraged!

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Youth Leader Resource

Each Sunday contains links to Lent curriculum to use with your group. For quick reference here are the lessons:

March 6 First Sunday in Lent: Temptation of Christ

March 13 Second Sunday in Lent: Transfiguration

March 20 Third Sunday in Lent: Parable of the Barren Fig Tree

March 27 Fourth Sunday in Lent: Prodigal Son

April 3 Fifth Sunday in Lent: Jesus Anointed at Bethany

April 10 Palm Sunday: Behold Your King

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Music for Lent

Have a listen to this Lent Playlist on Spotify, created by Rev. Brian Suggs for Lent.

This devotional and linked lessons are free to use. Content is written by Amy de Sousa. If you reproduce any part of this devotional, please give credit to Amy de Sousa (2022).

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