Florida International University:

  • MAR 6722 - E-Marketing

Baruch College:

  • MKT 3000: Marketing Foundations (4.1/5.0)

Marymount Manhattan College:

  • BUS 345: Marketing Research (4.8/5.0)

  • BUS 335: Digital Marketing (4.6/5.0)

  • BUS 210: Marketing (4.5/5.0)


On relating course concepts to real business contexts:

  • Enjoyed this class! Professor Chapman was very engaging and made learning about marketing in the business world very entertaining. She did a good job at bringing in real world examples.

  • I was very happy with this professor. She was very kind and always willing to explain complex questions multiple times until we understood everything. Her experience working in the consumer retail space demonstrates her experience in the material she teaches. Overall, great class and amazing professor.

  • I really liked this class. I think your PowerPoints summarized each chapter very well. You answered questions when they were asked. I also liked that we were able to apply a chapter to real life business situations when we did our current events presentations.

On generating excitement for the topic:

  • Professor was very organized, communicated efficiently, and demonstrated contagious enthusiasm for subject matter. Very pleasant and enjoyable experience. Would recommend.

  • Professor Chapman is great at sharing her knowledge and passion, and truly made certain all individuals were involved in her lessons.

  • Professor prepared for the class very well and delivered information about the course content very clearly and created a lively class environment. One of the best professors I met in Baruch.

  • She had great slides. She was very friendly and had a smile which made me love her class. She explained everything well and used fun examples to help us understand.

About teaching effectively in online and hybrid formats:

  • Professor Chapman did an amazing job at explaining marketing. Presentations and discussions were all really effective. Not only that, but she did an amazing job at making the class interactive on Zoom. For me, she is the best professor I had so far in terms of making Zoom interactive and interesting! She also did a great at answering questions. She knew what she was talking about and had great explanations!

  • Thank you for a wonderful semester. I think the course was put together well especially for a hybrid course. The presentations are good for engaging students and is a effective use of time. Overall I'm pleased with the course!

  • Professor Chapman is an excellent teacher who actively sought student feedback and adapted the format of the class for our collective benefit. She really communicates with the class. Best professor i have taken so far.

On helping students learn:

  • Professor Chapman provided very informative lectures. She valued student engagement and encouraged participation, which helped students learn.

  • The class was always exciting and students were well motivated. I learned not only marketing, but improved my communication skills. The group project also gave us an opportunity to develop relationships with fellow students.

  • I really liked having a class with this instructor because of how engaging the class was and how pleasant lectures were. I was inspired despite the fact that business itself does not hold a lot of interest for me.

On creating a safe and welcoming classroom environment:

  • Professor Chapman was a great professor. She explained every chapter clearly and her tests were extremely fair. She also engaged the class in weekly discussions and created a safe space to talk freely.

  • Professor Chapman made this class enjoyable. I was very nervous entering this class after being out of college over 25 years but she was patient and explained the topics thoroughly.