Lennay M. Chapman

Ph.D. Candidate in Business (specialization: Marketing)

Incoming Assistant Professor at Florida International University

Email: Lennay.Chapman@baruch.cuny.edu


Lennay M. Chapman is a Ph.D. candidate in Business (specialization Marketing) at the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College together with the CUNY Graduate Center. In fall 2022, she will be joining Florida International University as an Assistant Professor. Lennay's research focuses on consumer and technology interactions, especially as related to signaling, social judgments, and consumer decision-making. Lennay’s work is under review at the Journal of Business Research and Marketing Letters, and has been presented at the Association for Consumer Research (ACR) and the Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP) conferences. She has contributed to the Journal of Marketing Research’s Scholarly Insights​. Lennay was awarded the 2021 Mills Tannenbaum Research Excellence Award, and the 2020 H. Fenwick Huss Teaching award. She currently serves as the Assistant Vice Chair of Online Engagement for AMA-DocSIG.

Lennay has experience teaching Marketing Foundations, Digital Marketing, and Marketing Research. Previously, she spent ten years working in merchandise financial planning for Ann Taylor and Ross Stores, and contributed financial analysis articles to the Motley Fool. She holds an M.B.A. from Baruch College and an M.Phil. in Business from the CUNY Graduate Center.

Recent research presentations:

Chapman, Lennay M. and Ana Valenzuela (March, 2021). Just between you and me: Paying privately signals moral traits and enhances others' willingness to cooperate. Society for Consumer Psychology (virtual).

Chapman, Lennay M. and Kathleen D. Vohs (March, 2021). Phones and selves: Self-Smartphone Overlap, Online Self-Disclosure, And Privacy Concerns. Society for Consumer Psychology (virtual).