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  • My favorit thing was 'everything'. I liked when we made the wind chime and woven reed basket. - Ella -
  • I liked Suminagashi. - Esther
  • I like beeing at your house. I liked making a mask. - Jasper
  • I can just say - It's fun! - Dino
  • My favorit part was making the bracelets. Kayatan
  • I loved doing Suminagash. LemonSky camp was the best summer camp I've ever been to. - Lucia
  • I liked making the mask. - Willa
  • I liked everything and best doing Suminagashi. - Maxwell
  • It was very, very, very fun. My favorit thing was everything. - Lily
  • It was really fun. I liked that we got to finish everything. I liked everything. It's really hard to say what I liked best. I also liked the fact that we went to the playground. I liked mask making, pop up book, and that there are animals around. - Coco

5 stars!! -andrea

My 9-year-old daughter loves her Sunday mornings at Lemon Sky. She creates all kinds of sophisticated, fun, and unique objects that really represent her personality. She proud of her work. The classes are structured enough, but also fun and informal. It's a cool group of kids (mostly girls).

I totally recommend LemonSky for a crafts class for your kid. The teachers are patient and really organize for the kids to make wonderful crafts with very good quality materials. My daughter has learned to embroider, knit, weave, made a very cool luggage tag out of leather and an incredible hand painted bandana, among many other things. Most of all, she's made wonderful, supportive friends in the class. It's a really wonderful place! - Tymberly

My son & daughter had so much fun at Lemon Sky. They got to make so many different kinds of beautiful art objects, and they did so many other fun activities with their friends as well. Lemon Sky is just like a treasure box for kids and parents. - Kaori

We LOVE the objects our daughter makes in Lemon Sky. So personal, they have her personality and interests all over them. We feel so proud when she gives them as gifts, if we can bear to part withem ourselves! - Leah Kreger