Jacky grew up in Basel/Switzerland. She earned a BFA in Fine Arts at the Basel School of Design. She received a grant to attend the Graduate Program for Fine Arts at Rice University/Houston, TX and studied Fine Arts at La Escuela Massana Art School in Barcelona/Spain. Since 1993 she has been living and working as a painter in Williamsburg/Brooklyn. Jacky discovered the joy of working creatively with children while volunteering in her child’s schools.

Regula is a native of Frutigen/Switzerland. She attended the School of Design in Bern and Basel where she received a Swiss Federal PET Diploma in typography/graphic design. She worked as a graphic designer for 20 years. While spending ten years volunteering in the classrooms of her two children, she developed an interest in teaching. During that time she developed the artist/scientist in residence program for that school, which to this day is still running. In 2016 she received a BA in human development and art.