A Curriculum Enhancing Hands-on Learning Program

Who We Are

LemonSky is a fiber arts education program for children based in Williamsburg, New York City. We are dedicated to providing a handcraft experience with natural materials which allow children to develop dexterity, focus, decision making, conceptual thinking and color-pattern-texture awareness through active hands-on art learning with textiles and other cloth and yarn mediums.

Launched in 2008 by two artist/mothers, LemonSky provides weekend workshops, camp experiences, birthday parties, and a rich home schooling curriculum. LemonSky now offers courses and afterschool programs for K-8 grade children to enhance school curriculum.

What We Teach

Our class work focuses on techniques of sewing, embroidery, weaving, fabric printing, knitting & crocheting. The learning experience is challenging on many levels, as children find a new sense of dexterity, patience, and commitment, which they bring to their work.

Why Fiber Arts?

The art of working with fibers is satisfying to students and makes them proud of their final products, which can often be used in their daily lives. In a world where it is rare for anything to be handmade, a child’s sense of accomplishment is enhanced by their exploration with patterning, handling, exploring, inventing, constructing and designing. Working with textile materials offers an unusual opportunity to develop hand eye coordination and concentration while encouraging a freedom of color, and design. Working with fiber arts allows a child to explore their desire for self-expression in an enjoyable and meditative way.

Why Add an Arts Enrichment Program to your School?

Due to budget constraints, many schools have been forced to cut back on art staffing and enrichment programs. LemonSky is an affordable way to bring quality art instruction back into the classrooms. Results have shown that participation in crafts can positively influence children's perception of themselves. Practicing handwork can also lead to an increased ability to focus, persevere through difficulties, and critically analyze and solve practical problems. Children who have an opportunity to find expression in a creative environment not only have fun while learning, but also build and enhance their self-expression, explore their creativity and enhance their risk taking skills.


LemonSky offer workshops to schools in eight-week cycles. These workshops focus on specific fiber art techniques and materials. Our programs are tailored to match your school’s curriculum and children’s ages. Workshops have some projects that can be finished in one period and other projects that require several periods to complete.