Info on the Church of Chuck

How does the Chuck Church work? There are 7 main roles in the Church of Chuck, in order of ranking and importance.

High Priest: There are 3 high priests, each controls 1/3 of the religion.

Keeper of the Goats: He or she who guards the wall of goat to keep watch for the Holy Goat of Other-Wordly Death.

Cardinal: One who know some of the true nature of Chuck.

Body Guard: Those who protect the High Priests. (This is a highly honorable role.)

Preacher: One who preaches the ways of chuck. Usually knows little of Chuck's true nature.

Preachers Aid: Those who aid the Preachers in preaching.

Member: Those who know the ways of Chuck, and devote themselves to Chuck.

Attaining Roles

High Priest: The role of High Priest can only be attained when a High Priest dies or steps down. The dying High Priest will name a successor to take his or her title. If the High Priest cannot name a successor, the Cardinals vote to promote one of themselves. This must be a 3/4 majority decision.

Keeper of the Goats: This position is ordained by the High Priests when the last keeper dies or steps down.

Cardinal: This position can be ordained by the High Priests, and twice a year the Cardinals can promote a Preacher to Cardinal. This must be a 2/3 majority vote. Preachers chosen must have applied to the Cardinals to be selected.

Body Guard: High Priests appoint their personal guards.

Preacher: Preachers must pass the Holy test with 90% accuracy. Once done, they may begin their sermons.

Preachers Aid: Preachers appoint their own Aids.

Member: Anyone may become a member by accepting Chuck in their daily life. If you don't, He will know.

Rare photos of the original Church of Chuck

Our Founder

Ebinius Jones - The Original Pope

In the spring of 1982, a man named Ebinius Jones was spoken to by a heavenly body. He heard the Prophecy of the Reckoning, and the 10 commandments of Chuck. Throughout the next 14 years, Ebinius would be contacted by Chuck ever so often. In 1996, he heard his last message from Chuck. "Go now, my child, into the world. Tell all you love that the Reckoning is coming, convert them to Chuckism, and, my child, be strong." In the next 2 years Ebinius established the Church of Chuck, in hopes of saving all he loved. In December of 2001, Ebinius ascended into the heavens, and became a godly figure, who is now known as the messenger. It is he who brings messages from Chuck to those on Earth.

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