How do I worship Chuck?

Large Gatherings

Most large gatherings will have a Preacher (or higher rank) in attendance. These members will lead prayer in a variety of different ways. These ways can include (but are not limited to) the following:

A group chant. ("Praise Holy Chuck!" is the most common)

Reciting a passage from the Chuckening.

A group discussion about a passage from the Chuckening.

Making, and subsequently burning, cow totems.

Spelling out messages with their bodies in hopes that Chuck might read them from his place in the heavens.

Humming in C major, as it pleases Chuck.

Group prayer. Praying to chuck is achieved by connecting your wrists, with your fists to the side.

At Home

Praying to Chuck at home is easy to do, and a great way to connect yourself closer to Chuck. These activities are self led. They can include (but are not limited to) the following:

Reading the Chuckening.

Quiet reflection on Chuck's meaning to you and the universe.

Chanting. ("Praise Holy Chuck!" can also be used here)

Prayer to Chuck.

Drawing pallet jacks. (For it pleases Him)

In Your Daily Life

There are MANY ways to honor Chuck in your daily life. Most of these should be discovered on your own. Chuck will guide you into what he thinks is best. A few examples are:

Wearing a pin with Chuck's face on it.

Ignoring any cows you come across.

Saying the word "Norris" every hour, on the hour.