Haltom High School

Digital Learning Impact

Campus-Wide Impact

"Because of your work over the past 3 years, I feel that we now have 100% of the staff is using some form of LMS with students. Whether it is Google Classroom or Canvas LMS." -David Hamilton, Haltom High School Principal (Pre-Covid)

Collaborative Workstations Over Lord of the Flies Lesson Idea I delivered in PLC. Spring 2018

Blended Learning: Collaborative Workstations Over The Lord of the Flies Lesson Idea I delivered in PLC. Splitting Students into different Tribes

Student Create Authentic Products

After Working with HHS Math Department Covering Blended Strategies, Here is a Flipped Lesson. Delivered in Stations. Topic: Learning About Slope with Chromebooks and Canvas. Fall 2017

Students Collaborating, Communicating, and Creating in SMARTamp

Students' Create in SMARTAmp to Create Review Spaces -Fall 2017

Students Learning About Persuasion

Personalized Learning based on pre-assesment and performance, using Chromebooks to deliver differentiated instruction at HHS -Fall 2017

Mrs. Milini's Math Students Working in Stations, Blended Strategies -Fall 2017

Workstations: Learning Slope from Video

Google Forms on Mobile Devices

Chromebooks and Google Docs

Google Classroom Being Used to Deliver all the Materials Needed for the Four Workstations in the Rotation. The results of my efforts with the teacher resulted in her best Yearly Appraisal in her 33 year career. Earning all 5's except for two 4's. "What you've done with Becky is nothing short of amazing." -David Hamilton, Haltom High Principal

Promoting Google Classroom use by posting to Social Media

McCormick Introducing Canvas LMS Pathways After our Designing Together

Here you see the results of training and designing lessons in Canvas LMS. By the end of the school year, the teacher has turned her classes into complete online courses.

McCormick Implements Canvas.MOV

Student Quote About Canvas

McCormick: Peer Reviews in Canvas LMS Catches on in Other HHS Classrooms

Teacher Uses Dotstorming.com to Gather Student Feedback

Here you see the results of a teacher using dotstoming.com to collect feedback from students about the multiple digital formative assessments that she used over the semester as part of her trailblazing efforts to earn PD badges. Based on the feedback, Mrs. Miller was able to select the tools that the students preferred.

Sample of the Results from Training Comics for Authentic Products and Language Mastery

Here we see seven authentic student products made with makebeliefcomix. The teacher was encouraged to try this tool through by her DLS and the PD badging system the DLS created for the campus. Trailblazer Badge Challenge

Authentic Student Comics from Spanish Class

More Authentic Student Comics from Spanish Class

Student Authentic Product Created with Google Sites

Here we see a student created website for her World Geography Class. The Teacher was motivated by the PD Badging system to meet with his DLS, learn how to use Google Sites, and co-design a lesson that fit the State Standards.