Small Paintings

The Process

I primarily paint landscapes but enjoy focusing on small singular subjects on my coins. My small artwork is based in painting with watercolor or acrylic. I have been expanding my small art into tiny relief sculptures within bottle caps. The sculptures are mixed media that inlcude use of dried plants, faux terrain, painted coins and other material.

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Fellowship of the Ring as Hobbit Doors.

Hobbit Doors
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"Jar of Flowers"

Watercolor in Jar
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"Warm Mug"

Tiny Watercolor, Framed
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"A Night Away"

Painted Quarter
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 "Winter Night"

Painted Quarter
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"Rough Road Ahead"

Acrylic on Canvas, Magnet
2x2 inches


Watercolor Painting
2x3 inches


4" Acrylic on Wood


Bottlcap Sculpture


5x5" Acrylic on Canvas

"Isle of Lewis Lighthouse"

Bottle Cap Scultpure


Mixed media relief in bottle caps

"Storm Lights"

Painted Coins
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